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Spotlight: Ristlynn's Upbeat Single, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E"

Taking a Look at Ristlynn and How He Connects With Listeners in Flavourfully-Upbeat Single, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E"

Ristlynn derails all of our sanity with his feel-good, highly energetic, and potently charismatic music. Focusing his musical wits on crafting music that exhilarates and excites listeners, Ristlynn has quite the knack for generating soundscapes that produce extravagant, blood-rushing effects.

Ristlynn tested the depths of nuanced rock with his latest release, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E." The song takes a deep dive into the memories that Ristlynn carries of SoCal. You know, driving up the PCH, emerging into the crowded beaches, feeling stillness and peace. The beat is catchy but the feels are all there.

Looking into the behind-the-scenes of "Crystal C O A S T L I N E," the song was written fully by Ristlynn himself, but he brought in a variety of producers to help shape the melody of the California-inspired song. Lyrically, his song was a way for him to communicate to his listeners that it's okay to admit they're struggling internally. With inspiring messages, such as providing a sense of community through his music, Ristlynn can uplift his listeners in more ways than one.

In 2022, Ristlynn is expecting to deepen his connection between him and his listeners by releasing more songs that show authentic and vulnerable sides of him. For now, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E," and his full BuzzMusic article are available for viewing.


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