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Spotlight: Roz De La Cruz Takes Us To “HOLLYWOOD” With His Latest Hit Single

Filipino R&B/Pop artist and singer-songwriter Roz De La Cruz takes us on an emotional cloud with his recent single and music video "HOLLYWOOD".

Roz De La Cruz is serving ear-pleasing tunes that'll put him on the map. More recently, he opened for NEW WEST at Toronto's Axis Club.

In "HOLLYWOOD," Roz De La Cruz takes us through the bittersweet ending of a loving relationship. "It's when you haven't fallen out of love with your partner, but life is calling you both in different directions," notes Rob. The recorded music video takes us through an intensely emotional storyline that will tug on anyone's heart. Expanding on "HOLLYWOOD," there's a sweet early 2000s pop vibe that turns into a deeply passionate and emotional space. Roz and his melodic and chilling vocals effortlessly hold the listener while serenading them.

"HOLLYWOOD" and its music video sees Roz picking up his love for a day-long ride to a destination. The video has us nostalgic with DIY aspects and old-school video cameras. This music video makes you reflect on what to be grateful for and who you still have around.

Feel the mood as Roz De La Cruz takes us on a journey in his interview and review for his recent single "HOLLYWOOD" here.


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