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Spotlight: Stickman the President Opens His Heart Up to Listeners in, "Clear My Mind"

Stickman the President has a kind of natural flow that should be almost criminal. His confident mindset easily gets translated through his music and he crafts each and every lyric with poise.

As a Los Angeles artist, Stickman the President fuses many psychedelic aspects into his music, which works to create an eclectic, hip/hop-inspired atmosphere. This worked extremely well in "Clear My Mind," his latest single release that BuzzMusic recently reviewed.

The song was meant to reflect Stickman the President's current artistic mindset, as he shared various truths within "Clear My Mind" that shone a light on his mental health. It was his opportunity to clear the clutter of his mind, as well as to craft music that could easily be resonated with.

As a somewhat still emerging artist, Stickman the President showed that his honest and fruitful expressions were as authentic as his artistic goals, and we can't wait to see where his advancing momentum takes him next.

Read Stickman the President's interview, here.


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