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Spotlight: Tah’Chon And His Flavorful New Single, “He Never Fails”

Tah'Chon creates music to help people get closer to religion. "He Never Fails" is a song that illustrates how God is never far away from him.

"He Never Fails" is an example of what a young child's life may change when they are inspired. It demonstrates how Tah'Chon is so incredibly encouraged by God that even at the age of six.

Six-year-old Tah'Chon, born in Georgia, is a gospel or inspirational artist who uses his inspiration to share how vital God is in his life and inspire others to do the same. Tah'Chon is motivated by that passion for creating his music. "He Never Fails" is a symbol of his love for God and the fact that God is the one Tah'Chon needs and who will never let him down.

"He Never Fails" has an incredibly catchy and robust rhythm. The piano and drums are performed well to entice young listeners. The words are clear; they are ideal for conveying Tah'chon's message that Jesus would never let you down.

The song has a strong gospel personality, the instruments are audible, and the background claps give the piece a unified, recognizable vibe. The message is straightforward but simple, the rhythm is upbeat, and Tah'chon seems to be having a great time.

Catch Tah'Chon's review and interview on his recent release, "He Never Fails," here.


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