Spotlight: Tee Official

Creating his musical content from his blended Nigerian culture and life in the UK, Tee embodies confidence and radiance in his newest single “King of the Hill”.

Blending punching instrumentation and witty lyricism, Tee has become a force within not only the UK music scene but globally as well.

Giving listeners a wider insight into the many experiences and obstacles within his life, Tee wants listeners to become the king of their own hill and not get caught up in the “expensive” lifestyle if that is not their true self. Although this is a very powerful inner musical theme, Tee vocalizes this track with a sense of poise and conviction.

Authenticity is a vital theme within“King of the Hill” and it is clear that Tee embodies this as he intricately weaves together life experiences into clever and powerful wordplay. Listeners will be enticed to dissect each meaning and metaphor. Each well-timed verse connects with punching rhythms and instrumentals to create a track filled with boisterous energy.

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