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Spotlight: The Low Flying Panic Attack Release “Demons Grow (Live 20112021)”

The Low Flying Panic Attack has released a stunning and captivating live performance of their track, “Demons Grow (Live 20112021).” This track comes off the live version of their debut album, 'You Know Nothing About War.'

Marta Brandariz and Javier Martín Balsa make up the compelling duo, merging genres of electronica, rock, psychedelia, and other experimental elements to form their unique and enticing sound.

Throughout “Demons Grow (Live 20112021),” The Low Flying Panic Attack brings forth hard-hitting energy that jolts you out up and out of your seat. This track combines powerfully haunting vocal lines with thick, heavy production elements to form a unique and intriguing soundscape for the listener to submerge themselves in. It feels like we are experiencing their live set with this track, getting a glimpse at the wild and incredible ride one of their shows would be.

Throughout their exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, The Low Flying Panic Attack let us in on some of their inspiration behind releasing “Demons Grow (Live 20112021).” Live performances are extremely important to this duo. Creating another world with a combination of electronic music, conceptual visuals, and lighting, The Low Flying Panic Attack wanted to bring that powerful energy they evoke on stage into their release of this live set.

In their interview, The Low Flying Panic Attack hinted at the fact that more tracks are already in the works, as well as a documentary special on the creation of their live performances. We can’t wait to see what comes next from this talented duo. In the meantime, continue blasting their track, “Demons Grow (Live 20112021).”

Check out the full-length article and interview with The Low Flying Panic Attack here.


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