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Spotlight: The Truth Behind Sihdno's Latest Project

As an Atlanta, Georgian artist, Sihdno has quite the creative spunk when it comes to singing and songwriting. He's colorful with his electronic execution and has no plans on slowing down his artistic acceleration any time soon.

The latest project offering we heard from Sihdno included his single release, "Give You Time." Catching up with Sihdno, we learned that he was very content with the final result of "Give You Time." Once hearing the original beat of the song, he naturally gravitated towards the rhythm and finished mixing/mastering his vocals in only a week.

During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Sihdno shared that "Give You Time" was a means for him to be more emotionally open with the people that surround him. He poured his utmost passion into this single and broke out of his artistic comfort zone by experimenting with his vocal range.

In the end, we were proud to understand the thought process behind Sihdno's song, and we'll be patiently waiting for his future single release, already titled "Grapefruit."

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Sihdno, here.


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