Spotlight: The Warm Blooded

The ferocious track “Skinflint Shimmy” is a striking and intensive sound that takes listeners on a forceful music journey with no way of stepping away.

As an alternative/rock band, The Warm Blooded has been able to tap into their unique genre-blending abilities in their soundtracks and create music that will get stuck in your head.

As mentioned in interviews, “Skinflint Shimmy” is created to reflect the desperate cleverness that is appreciated by a poorer man while being presented in the 80s/90s rock style. With a close listen to the creative and compelling lyrics, you will be overtaken by the energy in this LA-based band’s forceful sound.

The ability of each band member to contribute such unique vital sounds sets this band apart. We truly can not wait for this up and coming band to release more untamed, classic rock and roll singles in 2021 and hopefully get the ability to play some live shows.

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