Spotlight: Unravel Your Emotions with Cenzina

Influenced by the likes of Marina and Lana Del Ray, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Cenzina is the type of artist that intends to deliver powerful messages through moody vocals.

To establish a raw authenticity with her storytelling lyrics, the alternative artist draws inspiration from her own anxieties and deeper emotions. As she begins to reveal and unravel her honest feelings, Cenzina creates a safe space for any listener that may relate to her stories by validating their vulnerabilities. By animating her current headspaces into sonic experiences with each song, Cenzina sees each of her songs as a time capsule that represents the inner workings of her mind at their time of release.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Cenzina described the thoughts behind the lyrical density of her recent single “COLLIDE.” The poetic songwriter noted “writing this song was a little like remote viewing my own anxieties and inner worlds; dancing with the monsters in and mysterious worlds inside my mind. My intent was to make light of a dark place, and take my listeners on a journey with me into that space, hoping they might feel seen there too. We all have insecurities and fears, ultimately we have a choice: to ride, make friends with our monsters or collide and feel like we are drowning.”

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