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Spotlight: Wild Berry Works Her Magic in New Music

Wild Berry is the type of artist that can naturally create a sensual, buzzing atmosphere with the simple sound of her voice. She explores ranges of sound phenomena and delivers strategic lyricism to her listeners that are able to captivate, hypnotize and ultimately, pleasure.

The latest song we've heard from Wild Berry includes her Neo/Soul-inspired single, "You Put a Spell On Me." The atmosphere of the production alone will send goosebumps down your spine, which is only amplified via the exclusive vocal sound of Wild Berry. She's very particular with her tone, instilling an authentic and passionate attitude within any listening ear.

Once catching up with Wild Berry, she elaborated that "You Put a Spell On Me" was meant to encourage listeners to explore their own depths, and to remind them that love, in itself, is beautiful. Watch out for Wild Berry's accompanying music video for "You Put a Spell On Me", which is set to release in the next few weeks!

For now, you can catch Wild Berry's full BuzzMusic article, covering "You Put a Spell On Me," here.


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