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Spotlight: You'll Never Know An Artist Quite Like Teddy At Night

Pop-inspired artist Teddy At Night is the eccentric kind of performer that seethes originality. Solidifying his music style in funk, pop, glam, and many more niche-like genres, Teddy At Night can compel many to indulge in the flavors of his fun-loving music.

Teddy At Night released a single titled "Mr. Celsius" not too long ago, and it was heavily influenced by the major cultures experienced in the 80s. With many nostalgic sounds, Teddy At Night is bringing back a style that sparks a fun environment for listeners to bask their souls in.

During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Teddy At Night shares that "Mr. Celsius" originally came from a place of loneliness and confusion. Taking a deep look within himself, Teddy At Night knew that there were so many questions he had, with such a lack of answers. Naturally, Teddy At Night came up with "Mr. Celsius," which acts as a character in his mind that helps him mediate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Teddy At Night is an artist that strives to be attentive to himself, which is a major lesson his music attempts to convey.

Next up for Teddy At Night includes a mini-tour set for next month. Other than that, listeners can expect Teddy At Night" to debut his full-length record in the near future, which he already promises to be an emotional rollercoaster. Fasten up.

Check out Teddy At Night's full BuzzMusic article here.


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