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Stand Your Ground With Belle VEX's New Music Video "Nobody, But Me"

Bridgeport, CT-born pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Belle VEX returns with a visually powerful music video for his smash hit, "Nobody, But Me."

Known for his genuine approach to music creation and emphasis on real-life emotions and experiences, Belle VEX doesn't hesitate to call out other artists and their questionable choices to make money. Seeing music as a passion project rather than leverage to luxury and glamour, Belle VEX is making a significant impact on loyal and new listeners alike.

And his latest single is no exception. While we've had the pleasure of featuring "Nobody, But Me" when it first hit streaming platforms, Belle VEX is now treating listeners to the song's new music video — bringing the message home louder and clearer than ever.

While "Nobody, But Me" kicks off with electrifying synths and Belle VEX's steamy vocals, he quickly sets the no-BS tone with sharp lyrics that command your attention. And his delivery in the music video is nothing short of captivating. He stands (and sometimes sits) firm in his ground, letting the world know that he's not gonna be controlled and you can't bring him down.

The song's message is timeless. It's an anthem of self-empowerment for individuals struggling to fit in, encouraging them to carve their own path and do it with pride. Belle VEX reminds all listeners of how important our unique identities are, and as he dances from room to room, standing his ground, he makes it clear that REAL human connection is what he's after.

It doesn't get much more empowering than Belle VEX's latest single and music video for "Nobody, But Me." Give yourself a pick-me-up and find the new video on YouTube.

Welcome back to Buzz, Belle VEX! This time around, your message in "Nobody, But Me" hit hard. What did you want listeners to realize after hearing your empowering lyrics?

Thanks for having me. At a bare minimum, it’s about self-respect and having respect for others. We’ve been in this time where your value is taken at first glance based on the number of online followers you have or, if you’re an artist, the number of monthly listeners. Since that’s become such an integral part of people’s mindsets, people do whatever it takes to get it. None of that matters in the face of art and the real world. It’s not important, and it could all be taken from you overnight. Everyone’s a gimmick, and everyone’s copying each other. Sometimes, they’re just outright stealing. They think it’s going to be their big break, or it’s a joke, or it’s going to change their life overnight, so they do their little song and dance. It’s high time that stops. This world already has no heroes. Anyway, that’s just sort of where the message starts. 

Did you work alongside any directors or a team when creating the new music video for "Nobody, But Me"? What was that collaboration like?

Yes, actually. I teamed up with Austin Hein, a director in the Tri-State area. He was really cool, and I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with him. Though I originally approached him to do a video for this song, we focused on a set of others. This video happened to be the last video we shot on the day. We had various pre-production meetings beforehand to make sure everything was going to go as smoothly as it could. That was reassuring. The coolest thing about Austin is that he downscaled me when I wanted to up the budget and pay more. He put things into perspective and said, “I’m not going to let you do that. Let’s shoot three videos for the bare minimum of what it would cost.” That took me by surprise and I just felt like I was treated like a person for a moment and not a source of income. 

In terms of the song itself, how is "Nobody, But Me" different from your previous releases? What makes this song unique?

This song is unique because it has no hope. It’s the end of reflection and a warning shot. It’s a boundary. I know that this can only bring one of two responses to it. You either agree, or you don’t. There’s no gray area. I’m wrong, or I’m right. It's argumentative, but it’s true. It’s often not understood what this industry can take from you or what life can take, for that matter. I am done. I’ve got nothing left in me but the truth, and this is how I feel. You can’t sell me on anything, and I’ve never been one to just go along with something that I don’t agree with. In the past, I would set my intuition aside under advice, and that would always end badly. I’ve never released a song that was completely devoid of a future before, and now I plan to show it to as many as possible and let the conversation go from there. I think artists, and people in general, should be more like me. There’d be a lot less noise if they were.

What was your experience shooting the music video for "Nobody, But Me"? What was your favorite part of the process?

This shoot was great. We filmed at this really awesome location in the middle of NYC which let us project visuals on every wall. It’s called Lume Studios, and so many have used it for different things, but I haven’t seen it used for this. It was such a cool concept. I only had a small idea of what it would look like before we started and it turned out even better than I had pictured..This was also my first time around some of the new equipment we had on set, so that was a joy for me. 

For such a powerful song like "Nobody, But Me," how did you want the music video to look and feel?

Great question. I had an entirely different video idea in mind, which involved parodying a ton of different pop culture characters, but we ultimately went in a different direction. The idea that the video is self-descriptive is a strong thing on its own. “I don’t dance for anybody but me.” is the driving line, and what do you see but me alone? I’m not even dancing. That’s the point. It’s that thin line between degradation and showmanship that I feel so many either do or don’t recognize and unwillingly cross.


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