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StarChild Kayla Releases Hype Track "In My Bag"

Rapper StarChild Kayla developed a love for artistry at a young age, and continued putting her passion and energy into the curation of her music. Actively performing shows across America, StarChild Kayla gives you the vibe that her performances would be electric. She brings a blend of soft rap/hip-hop that we don't normally hear from such young artists. We love the vibrancy within her vocal production, and resonate well with the messages she promotes in her tracks. We gave one listen to StarChild Kayla, and knew immediately that we'd have to keep an eye on this artist--we already know her career is going far with the level of talent she's able to bring to her tracks. 

"In My Bag" begins with a melody that hints to the listener it's about to be a song bringing serious heat! StarChild Kayla brings innocence to the music being produced--the tone of voice this artist is able to capture and illuminate within the track is wild. StarChild Kayla is able to bring a sense of youth to the predominantly mature rap/hip-hop music scene. Combining hard-hitting beats with catchy and authentic lyricism, StarChild Kaylablows our expectations with "In My Bag". We love listening to artists who can bring something new to the table with their execution in sound, and StarChild Kayla does exactly that with "In My Bag". We highly recommend "In My Bag" to the hip/hop music lovers within the BuzzMusic community, and you can bet you'll already find this energetic track on our Spotify playlists!

Vibe along with StarChild Kayla's "In My Bag" here, and continue reading for the artists exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Hey StarChild Kayla! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist.

My name is StarChild Kayla from Cincinnati, Ohio by way of Dayton, Ohio. I have been making music for about 5 years. I write, produce, and engineer music for myself and I produce projects and do features for many other artists. I am also a musician. I play multiple instruments such as guitar, piano, and drums. I enjoy all types of music so if you are reading this and you need help with your projects, in all genres of music, hit me up @starchildkayla.

What kind of mood are you looking to create with your music?

 When I first started making music I was on that "I'm sad" wave, but I quickly realized that that's just not who I am. I then had to find what mood really fit me. It took a while but I believe that my real mood is young and free.

"In My Bag" was an incredibly addicting and catchy song. What was the main vision with the execution of this track for you?

My boy @99ave sent me the beat and I'm bobbing my head to it just going crazy. I free styled the chorus right when I heard it. Then I wrote the verse when I started recording it. I love performing "In My Bag" because the crowd goes crazy with the chant, "It's a late night party on a late night." So I really want everybody to go crazy when they hear it and keep singing it when they leave.

What are some challenges you've faced so far as an artist that shapes the way your music is curated today?

One of the biggest challenges that I face is not being taken seriously as a female artist. Unfortunately in the hip hop industry it's hard being a female artist because you are               expected to look, sound, and act a certain way and if you don't, it feels like no one wants to hear from you unless there is some extra convincing. So as an artist I always make sure I sound my best on features.

Are you in the midst of working on any upcoming releases we can rave about?

I am currently working on a ton of songs. Look out for my next single release titled, "Nonsense" which is written and produced by me. I have a 3 song EP coming out titled, "To The Stars". One of the songs features my best friend @trustinrxclii. I am also releasing my first album titled, "Pretty Ugly" which does not yet have a release date. It has 8 songs and it has features by @99ave and @itwasartem. I'm currently producing and doing features for many other artists. Just type StarChild Kayla in the search bar of all music streaming platforms and you can enjoy all that I have to offer.


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