Stardusk Encounter Takes Alt-Rock Into Their Own Hands

Alternative rock is a term used pretty lightly in current times. You never know exactly what to expect you'll hear when a band gives themselves such a label. You hope it's something a little new. Enter Stardusk Encounter; a Chicago based band that takes the genre and breathes some life back into it. The release of their  "Everyone's Pretending" EP pushes the envelope nicely while never losing those alt-rock roots.

"Before You Leave Again" is a bright and poppy rock song keeping true to the experimental space-rock style the band sticks to well. The song sounds like something you may have heard on the radio before. Guitar driven and tons of fun, there are several tracks that follow suit. Then there are songs like "The Ride Goes Down" which is sly psychedelia founded classic rock song. Another incredibly notable song called "On The Way" takes you through a seemingly personal journey going from a darker feel to waves of hope. The record is more than worth a  listen and you can do so right HERE