"Starry Night," from Michael Vest is Intimate, Multidimensional, and Psychedelia-Reminiscent

Michael Vest is the clandestine musical philosopher that operated out of the Silicon beaches of Venice, California.

His creative endeavors have seen him participate in numerous congregations of eclectic and psychedelia-borrowing bands that ooze over monikers like, "Space Babies," and "Californiosos," and through influences like Jim Morrison, and Led Zeppelin, it's easy to recognize this connoisseur's musical taste.

This year, he progresses further on his Independent venture with an emboldened imaginative spirit, we're supplies with a single that takes us on an enchanting journey through the complex, inventive mind of the savant himself, titled: "Starry Night."

"Starry Night" is Michael's forthcoming single as a Solo Artist with a transformative journey that channels the sway of a Bossa-Nova, before imploding into a Sci-fi twister turnaround. Here, the Cali-elegist sings with a soft-toned character and finds support in the supple mid-range articulation of a mysterious songstress. As they sing in unison, the sensation of buzzing is almost inescapable, while cascading percussion parts dance across the mix's expanses with dissolving echos that mesmerize.

There are pockets of wonder-inducing piano accompaniments here too, giving a short breath for the warm acoustic hugging guitar, and the harmonic uprises that swell up from the edges of this slowly evolving enterprise. The real highlight of this track hunches over the ballad-reminiscent song with cryptic strings attached, waiting for its moment to initiate control. Here, Michael Vest operates like the puppet master behind the enigmatic and world-transforming psychedelia bridge section.

It's an instant game changer and something that leaves behind a dusky after-glow that we can't help but embrace as we oscillate over the breathy harmonics and monochromatic tonality of "Starry Night."  

Listen to "Starry Night" here.

Also, be sure to stream Michaels's newest release "Healing Hags" available this Friday here.

Hello Michael and a warm welcome back to BuzzMusic. Can you walk us through how is song came to fruition? Where do you find the enchanting songstress who you synergize with over "Starry Night"?

Yes, the enchanting songstress is my wife Rebecca and we have been singing together for 20 years. We are in a band called Spacebabies! (check us out www.spacebabiesmusic.com). She also has her own stuff at (https://osmundamusic.com). The song was written while sitting on my front porch fiddling around with my songwriting partner Farmer Dave Scher. The porch is under a large Brugmansia tree whose giant white flowers are very intoxicating and inspiring!

What is the most distinguishing factor behind the music of the '60-'70s that makes you want to channel into them for your own inspiration?

I think that for better or worse, I am pretty attached to the music of that era. Those songs really stand up to the test of time. They still waft through most markets, restaurants, and car radios. They are songs you can hum or sing half a line and most of the people around can finish the melody or line. They are also risky, dangerous, and political pop songs. I am a bit of a curmudgeon (old grump) about a lot of music these days…but still super open and ready to be shown some great new mind-blowing music!!! Turn me on!

How would you describe the sentiments you were trying to provoke in your audience through the psychedelia-inducing turnaround found halfway through "Starry Night." 

Good Question! It is a trait (or habit) of my songwriting to always take a left turn towards the end of a song and go into a massive crazy world of raw celebration! A lot of people would probably say to cut the end and go for the concise 3 min pop song….but I can’t help it. I love the drama!

What do you look for in a musical collaborator, and what has been the most fulfilling collaborative experience for you thus far in your career? 

I guess all I ever care about is if someone appreciates the rough whiff of an idea for the song and has enough belief in me to try and add to it. I am incredibly insecure. My wife and I have written some good songs together. My songwriting partner in the band Californiosos (www.californiosos.com) Farmer Dave Scher is fantastic to work with (keeps me on my toes) and my co-creator at Earthstar Creation Center (https://earthstarvenice.com) Nico Borromeo keeps me concise and clear! John X Volaitis has also been there from the start. I am blessed with such talented partners!

What is one goal that you'd like to achieve by the end of 2020 with your music?

My greatest dream would be to write one song that was good enough to enter the stream of historical music and live on for many years! To hear a song of mine on the radio or played by a cool DJ would be lovely. To help someone through a rough time with my music or lyrics would be heavenly! Thanks for the good questions.