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Stay On the Move With MONARCH3 and The Sounds of "SLIDE"

The notable collective MONARCH3 has been making waves with the consecutive single releases to come from each artist. Known to blend their styles and collaborate with one another in the union they have carefully crafted, they are truly putting the scorching vibrations into the summer heat. This time around, the sad, Pop-Rap techniques of Suavesculture have him tagging along with the dynamic duo of Pop-Rap artist Young God Blow and melancholic, Pop-Rap artist DAM3 to deliver the dark, gritty, lyrical phenomenon known as “SLIDE.” Enhancing your speakers with a shadowy instrumentation courtesy of RP MADE IT, the convoluted components that are played upon have the ominous yet buoyant hues of, “SLIDE” introducing you to a cognizant universe of intricately sculpted verses that pulsate through your speakers. What we admire the most about this single has to be the fact that each artist has their own moment to illuminate in a way that engages their audience into the energetic cadences and icy rhyme schemes that form the basis of “SLIDE.” Appealing to the realm of new wave Hip-hop, there’s a remarkably smooth balance of melodic elements that cast a shadow upon what everyone else tends to be doing. Carving out a lane that is specific to what MONARCH3 has to showcase, the effortlessly infectious grooves that come hailing from the 808 filled production, has the delicately unnerving embodiment of this structure is one to remember. Complementing each other’s skills in a way that has Suavesculture approach to the effervescent hook gently easing you into an amplified serving of bars in Young God Blow and DAM3’s verses, the entire world of “SLIDE,” has us grasping the unmatched character of these MONARCH3 artists in an unforgettable way.

We always love chatting it up with the artists from MONARCH3, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “SLIDE.” Bringing forth a unique sound to this particular record, could you please take us into the meaning of “SLIDE?"

I believe the biggest thing that we all wanted from this track was leaving an impression on the masses, letting it be known that when it comes down to it MONARCH3 can get gritty and really spit some hard bars. We’re all confident in our own way and we just let that cockiness shine through.

What was it like working with one another to bring the artistic vision to life? Do you remember how this initial concept took flight?

The vibes are always amazing, we all work really cohesively so everything comes effortlessly. We were just vibing in the studio, Suave pulled upon us showing all his unreleased joints. I think after an hour of that he suggested we make a song right then andthere, of course, we were with it. After cycling through a few beats we had in the vault we came across this horror movie vibes trap beat and all looked at each other like (yeah this hard as f*ck). Finished THAT SAME NIGHT and knew we had something special on our hands.

What has to be the proudest moment for each of you as members of the MONARCH3 collective?

Honestly starting up the studio itself and being able to consistently work with each other had to be the highlight. We all basically came from nothing so to be able to build something from the ground up and constantly work is a blessing on its own. We’re only going up from here!

In terms of the theme and message that is propelled through “SLIDE,” what would you like your listeners to take away from this release?

We want listeners to know that we’re here to stay and our time is coming. We have no plan B, we have no doubts, no looking back.

What's next for you?

We have more documentaries on MONARCH3’s YouTube coming soon to get a deep dive into the process of the artists. Of course with other visual masterpieces and amazing music!

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