Stay "stuck" in Love with Tanner Carlson's Heartfelt Release

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter and pop artist Tanner Carlson highlights the passionate title track, "stuck," off his recent 5-track EP.

In his third and final year at Belmont University studying audio engineering, Tanner Carlson is ready to take the independent music scene by storm. Currently playing on the Tootsie's circuit in downtown Nashville, Tanner Carlson is also seeking more gigs to introduce himself and his original works to new listeners.

Highlighting the introductory and title track, "stuck,' off his recent 5-track EP, listeners are able to form a better connection with Tanner Carlson and his sweet tunes. While touching on the toll that distance can take between two partners, Tanner Carlson and his soothing pop sonics melt our hearts with immense passion and soul.

Hitting play on the intro/title track, "stuck," we're met with a plucky electric guitar and Tanner Carlson's warm vocal portrayal. As he begins to describe the passion and love he holds for someone close; Tanner Carlson later expands on their long-distance relationship and his desire to be by someone's side once again. Overtop of the groovy and tender pop instrumentation/production, Tanner Carlson offers a brilliant and soothing performance that pitches camp in our hearts.

As he continues displaying his love and affection for his partner, the song's instrumentation begins to broaden with a bright acoustic guitar and mid-tempo drum breaks that up the song's dense and transcendent sonic atmosphere. As we make our way to the lush outro, Tanner Carlson leaves us nothing but excited to venture through the rest of his 5-track EP.

Bask in the passion and warmth of Tanner Carlson's latest single, "stuck," and find the rest of the 5-track EP 'stu