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Stay "stuck" in Love with Tanner Carlson's Heartfelt Release

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter and pop artist Tanner Carlson highlights the passionate title track, "stuck," off his recent 5-track EP.

In his third and final year at Belmont University studying audio engineering, Tanner Carlson is ready to take the independent music scene by storm. Currently playing on the Tootsie's circuit in downtown Nashville, Tanner Carlson is also seeking more gigs to introduce himself and his original works to new listeners.

Highlighting the introductory and title track, "stuck,' off his recent 5-track EP, listeners are able to form a better connection with Tanner Carlson and his sweet tunes. While touching on the toll that distance can take between two partners, Tanner Carlson and his soothing pop sonics melt our hearts with immense passion and soul.

Hitting play on the intro/title track, "stuck," we're met with a plucky electric guitar and Tanner Carlson's warm vocal portrayal. As he begins to describe the passion and love he holds for someone close; Tanner Carlson later expands on their long-distance relationship and his desire to be by someone's side once again. Overtop of the groovy and tender pop instrumentation/production, Tanner Carlson offers a brilliant and soothing performance that pitches camp in our hearts.

As he continues displaying his love and affection for his partner, the song's instrumentation begins to broaden with a bright acoustic guitar and mid-tempo drum breaks that up the song's dense and transcendent sonic atmosphere. As we make our way to the lush outro, Tanner Carlson leaves us nothing but excited to venture through the rest of his 5-track EP.

Bask in the passion and warmth of Tanner Carlson's latest single, "stuck," and find the rest of the 5-track EP 'stuck,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tanner Carlson, and congratulations on the release of your 5-track EP, 'stuck.' What inspired the creation of this dynamic and passionate project?

I'm always inspired to create music! I would say that I was at home during the quarantine when I started writing. I was doing long-distance with my girlfriend at the time which inspired many of the tracks. Another big catalyst was the BLM protests and the homeless problem in Nashville. Both of these contributed to the fourth track "Burberry covers."

Why did you choose to open the EP with the title/introductory track, "stuck?" How does this song pave the way for the rest of the EP to follow?

This is a special project in the fact that all of the tracks are organized in terms of when they were written. "stuck" was the first track written for the project. This track definitely paved the way sonically for the rest of the tracks as I based the production off of this initial idea. I think the themes of falling in love and figuring things out with another person carry on throughout the project as well.

Elaborating on the intro/title track, "stuck," was it challenging to write such honest and passionate lyrics regarding your long-distance relationship? Or was this more of a therapeutic process?

Writing lyrics has always been a very therapeutic process for me. I write almost all of my songs in solidarity, so it is usually easy for me to be completely open. I wrote this song almost as a love letter to my girlfriend, so that does make it unique compared to the way I normally write. I remember this song in particular coming very fast and being easy to write.

Did you collaborate with any producers or engineers when formulating the sonics and arrangements for the EP, 'stuck'? Or did you tackle this process completely solo?

One of my best friends named Sean Kelly played the guitar and bass on the second track "big decisions," but other than that, the work on the album was a solo effort. I am currently studying audio engineering at Belmont University which has definitely helped me with the engineering process. I would love to collaborate with other producers and engineers in the future, but this felt like a project that I needed to do myself.


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