Staying Pure to his Origins Angel T Transports us to the Tropical Club of our Dreams on, "Caliente"

Angel T. debuted early last year with "Let Em Know," an offering of his English and Latin infused flare, and a captivated taster for the exotic producer's positive outlook on life, and resolute enthusiasm. The budding crooner finds sustenance in the limelight his extrinsic tropically induced Hip-hop and Latin syntheses produce. Following 2019s breakthrough, Angel seems more hyperfocused on dishing out heated bangers from Darryl Riley's cookhouse, New Nu Entertainment Studios, in the midst of the planet's temporary time-out. Rather than provoking melancholy in his freshest sonics expression, Angel settles on sweat-inducing vibes on "Caliente," his newest track that manifests the most salacious aspects of Latin-infused music.

"I swear to god I've hit the lottery, yes!" It's a deep-felt sentiment in how it mirrors the feeling this track induces after the first moments of the Latin-Wave track's playback; excited, curious, and entirely uplifted. The mix's expanses are well engorged with a contemporary low-end sub that you'd have no trouble finding in some of the most massive docking Trap cuts from 2020. But still, Angel T. draws our attention away from the encompassing power of the rhythms behind his exotic presenting twinkling samples and layers his fired-up Spanish verbatims over the meaty segments of "Caliente." His hooks flow from the core of his drippy cantor and grant us a relaxing tilt, like someone has been sneaking Patron in our Horchatas without our noticing, slowly getting more dripped-out and tenaciously sensual as each flowing chorus gets imprinted into our subconscious. It's the type of track you'd expect coming from worlds away, over the sea, and on the edge of a beach club bar in Belize, and unsurprisingly, Angel T. renders a precise rendering of that lavish sentiment through the exotic Latin-flare found on "Caliente."