Step Inside a Prynce P Christmas With, "Rudolf-The Triple D Remix"

Since stepping into the scene in 2002, Prynce P’s music has been downloaded and streamed over 3.4 million times. So it’s no surprise that a talented musical architect of this caliber founded Pohectic Life Records, a record label based out of Dallas, Texas.

Consisting of a diverse group of individuals exuding their artistic versatility of vocalists, rappers, production, engineering, and development, the force that is Pohectic Life Records offers up a dynamic resonance that accompanies imaginative capabilities in the realm of old-school Hip-hop with a new wave twist.

Just in time for the holidays, Prynce P and the crew at Pohectic Life Records collaborate with The Triple D to send a festive remix titled "Rudolf" through your speakers.

With the mastermind production handled by Cloak Beats and Billy Syn, we already know going into this record that the top tier musical elements will be the fortifying foundation on which each artist will shine upon. The mid-tempo, bass-heavy flipped instrumentation of the original, 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,' has us flipping in our seats as we didn't even think this record could redefine a Hip-hop meets Christmas collaboration in such a hard-hitting manner.

Commencing "Rudolf," with an enticing skit that is testing the familiarity of each creatives' knowledge of Santa's reindeer, this track has us on the hook as we anticipate the lyrical dexterity we're about to be immersed in.

Swift cadences and unmatched tonal distinction have high vibrations of Christmas components, as each artist sprinkles their own ingenious zest on this masterpiece. Prynce P recruits Keynote, Microphone Lewis, Eclipse Darkness, Bubba, Motian, and IQ Muzic to serve up the ultimate holiday season ambiance through the mesmerizing single that is, "Rudolf."

Dripping in festivity, the undeniable work ethic of Pohectic Life Records has us entertained all season long. We're certain that we've found a new Christmas favorite to add next in the queue of our holiday playlists.

Congratulations on the holiday release of, “Rudolf – The Triple D Remix” With so much talent on the track, everyone’s style complimented one another in an effortless manner! Was this the first time a lot of these artists have collaborated with one another? What was the experience like?

Thank you for the feature. I have worked with these AMAZING musicians on many projects. The chemistry, the energy, and the talent that these guys have are unmatched. This is why I love working with them. This was a super fun project and I can honestly say that we laughed most of the time when creating it.

How is the creative process different when creating a Christmas track versus a song released throughout the year?

I don’t know, it just feels different. Everyone is happier, more festive and since this was more of a comical song, we just had a great time with it.

You have a list of accomplishments that could give many a run for their money! What is your proudest moment to date?

When I won an award from Congresswoman Johnson and The House of Representatives for my single, “My Paradise.” The video to this song features my grandfather who passed away (RIP) and for it to be on TV, win awards, and more importantly, seeing my grandfather smile when he saw himself on TV, no money in the world can buy.

Since 2002, how have you found yourself grow as an artist and an individual?

More experience and more to write about.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

My supporters, my family & friends keep that fire inside of me going. To other musicians who seek my advice: Keep pushing and make music that is authentic. Make music that relates to you! Never be someone that you are not because then, you are forcing something that is not real. Trust me, be patient and your time will come.