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Step Into a Medley of Sounds Poured Through Your Speakers Courtesy of SUPER FREDDY

SUPER FREDDY is a Montreal-based Canadian artist of Cameroonian origin. His music blends Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Afro, as well as House influences and samples in order to tell a story and convey feelings and ideas.

His most recent project is his three-track EP, “MERCURIAL.” An exploration of the themes of physical distance, diaspora and third culture experience, disconnection from one’s roots and family, as well as feelings of loss and change presented through an Afro-futurist lens.

Created in collaboration with KOSI, a Toronto-based Zimbabwean producer, the soundscapes offered up tiptoe between vibrant to mellow tenors. Kicking off the EP with the introductory single, “Gold Star,” we’re immediately swept into the rhythmic essence of the weighty bassline and enticing drum patterns.

Bouncing to the effervescent verses that SUPER FREDDY radiates in a charismatic manner, we’re drawn towards his starkly vocal performance as his lyricism creates vivid imagery that reflects his life experiences. Unceasingly bringing forth an energy that is so intoxicating in its arrival, we admire the bolstered tone that is laced into the foundation of “MERCURIAL.”

The way that “In Too Deep,” follows in succession seamlessly blends the integrity of the tracks to flow in a way that treats this EP like a sonic expedition. Approaching the beat with a more laid-back cadence that cascades over the reoccurring bassline, we are hung up on the ease that is portrayed through the impeccably timed rhyme schemes SUPER FREDDY delivers. Switching his tempo from the soothing scape of his rapped verses, SUPER FREDDY treats us to his melismatic vocal range in the textured hypnotism of his smooth timbres.

Throughout each track’s veracity, KOSI has executed the instrumentation in a way that caters to the stylings of SUPER FREDDY, all while being consistent to the realm of KOSI’s panache as a producer. Reaching the final song of “MERCURIAL,” we unwind to the striking brilliance heard in “Ça Gâte!.” Embracing the warmth heard through the golden saxophone hues, this pacifying realm of sounds eases us into yet another side of versatility that SUPER FREDDY conveys as an artist.

We went from SUPER FREDDY rapping in “Gold Star,” to blending his techniques as both a rapper and singer in “In Too Deep,” to this present moment where a powerful SUPER FREDDY lusciously pours his passion through francophone lyrical motifs glistening in the melodies. If that doesn’t instantaneously grasp you into the magnetic pull SUPER FREDDY has, then we need you to go back and listen again.

Showing that it’s about more than piecing together songs, the collaboration of SUPER FREDDY and KOSI in “MERCURIAL,” proves that their art is about piecing together narratives and emotions.

“MERCURIAL,” leaves us with such a satisfying feeling after taking it all in. This is truly a piece of art! How did the collaboration of both yourself and KOSI come to be? Thank you so much. KOSI and I go way back - between 2009 and 2011, we both lived in Tunis, Tunisia at the same time and became friends. We lost touch for a while, but last Spring, during the early days of the pandemic, we reconnected over a mutual admiration of the music that we had been putting out (he is also a part of SEAZN., a duo that he formed with his sister Thando). After realizing that we were on the same musical wavelength, the rest flowed naturally. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process was like when bringing this project to life? What was it like bouncing ideas off of one another and working towards your vision? We had conversations about our different ideas, moods, and styles that we wanted to try out, and I sent him the songs and sounds that I had been listening to. As we continued our talks, he started sending me to beat ideas based on the sounds that we were feeling, then I would write and record song demos, or share which ones I preferred, and we went back and forth like that until we settled on three tracks that fit together and inspired me to write. Having the project's sonic identity settled also made it easier for me to work through the project's themes. Looking at the EP in completion, is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance to? The biggest thing that I would do differently is less about the actual music - when working on MERCURIAL, I was aiming to create an experience and build a world to accompany the project. I commissioned artists to animate a few videos (the video for "Gold Star" is out, and the video for "In Too Deep" is coming soon), and I had plans to create a website and set up all of my social media to match. Unfortunately, due to complications with the final phases of the mixing and distribution of the project, I didn't have as much time to organize all of these surrounding plans to fully flesh out my ideas. Out of the three songs heard on “MERCURIAL,” we get a different side of your artistry through each one. Is there a particular style that resonates with you more than the others, or would you say all equally represent you? I would definitely say that each of the tracks represents me in some capacity, but I think that the last song is the most "me". The first two tracks are more based on past versions of me, but I feel that "Ça Gâte!" reflects the personal and musical headspace that I'm in now - driven, energetic, but also calm and easygoing. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the release of this EP? As with all of my releases, I'm hoping that people feel moved by the music in some way - whether it's moved to dance, moved by the story that I'm trying to tell, or moved by other elements within the music. Also, I'm hoping to use this project to re-establish my artistic identity, and I hope that this image stays in audiences' minds. Thanks to KOSI, I feel like I've been able to make the music that I've been wanting to make, and I'm looking forward to this being the first of many collaborations.


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