Step into the Swagged-Out World of Que-Brick on Latest Release "Boss Status"

Atlanta spitter Quentin Williams (or Que-Brick for short) presents Hip-Hop and R&B amalgamating flow over the radiating swag on "Boss Status."

The budding South-side native boasts in the "Trap" tradition more often than he raps in the American Emcee hip-hop one; his voice warbles with a discernable rasp and howling adlibs as he trists for cash, and as his consonants stream through the edges of his lips, manifesting into another level of roughneck fulminations. Covering a measure that rolls and clatters off crisp hi-hats and a thunderous low-end, Quentin issues a proclamation of his reigning status with each stanza.

Each time he sings, "Brand new wheels, new plates, when it comes to the money, can't wait," he adds the echos of a goonish adlib in the backdrop; at the upshot of the hook, these animate adlib powers their way from left to right in a borderline distracting manner, but still manages to draw a line in the sand before overstepping. This young rapper is characterized as a diverse blend of musicality, but contextually, here, he seems like a mechanism of Trap and Hip-Hop coupling, attributing to the smooth swaggering vibes Quentin slings from end to end on this track, like when using his lyrics as ammunition for his riffling of thoughts.

Quentin Williams has been candid about his past and all the struggles and tragedy that follows him historically, recalling his sister's death and loss of his father to cancer as the chip on his shoulder, steeping his flow in a fervent passion and with weighted significance in each line. Such tension is tough to shake and impossible to neglect, but using these sentiments to create songs about living his best life is safer than living it in paralyzing stagnance. Quentin directs his vexation into his music after specific darkness and doesn't saturate his tone with melancholy because of it.

His memoirs of discord pave the musical path forward for this young budding artist and on "Boss Status," and he drops all his vulnerabilities and establishes the most fitting avenue with which to express himself musically.

Listen to "Boss Status" here.

Hello Quentin and welcome to BuzzMusic, it's great to have you with us! What are some of the milestones you are aiming for in your career as an artist?  I’ve always been inspired by the top tier artist. Challenging myself to achieve the unthinkable. First and foremost it’s all about ownership. Putting myself in a position to acquire buildings where I come from and open up business geared towards helping and inspiring my people. Teaching the importance of credit, learning our real history, and mental health. From an artistic standpoint, the bar for me is being the first artist to win album of the year at the Grammys and best actor at the Oscars. Truth be told I would much rather we create our own major outstanding achievements when it comes to art.  Can you walk us through what your process looks like when an idea for a track comes to you? How do you approach it, and where does the magic happen first? I believe the best music is done in a certain time frame. It’s like a time capsule. Creating music that reflects your life at that moment. That’s when I’m at my purest and that in my opinion is when I create my best work.  Most of the magic comes from the production first. I’m big on production. I can’t even listen to artist words if the production is trash. The words come quickly after. I’m literally just writing my life at that moment.  What's been the most inspiring thing to happen to your recently, and has that experience helped inspire or develop your sound and character further?  My unborn son who’s almost here has been the most inspiring thing for me. It’s helping me to have patience when it comes to my music. I’m actually creating my best work now. I finally feel I’ve found my sound. So much confidence.  What sorts of things are you cooking up right now for your next releases? Can we expect to see an EP soon, or maybe a succession of imminent singles? Coming off the success of my last mixtape “Free Jewelry.” My brothers and I have really channeled our focus on marketing. 2020 has been a rough year. As a matter of fact, we want the cops who killed Breonna Taylor ARRESTED. I’ve been inspired to really talk during this pandemic. So much that I have been dropping freestyles every week. Now I have a tape “Lost Jewels “ dropping at the end of August / early September. Lead by my recent single “Art Thy Rich”  What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? My family, my team, my daughter (Harmoni ), and my son (Zai’im). Watching my girl go through this pregnancy during a pandemic has been inspiring. Hopefully, we finally get my ALBUM from it. 2021. Harvest Ave.