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Stephanie Merkus Takes The Stage In An Empowering Debut Single, "SINGLE ON YOU"

Blossoming Calgary-based country-pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Stephanie Merkus drops her empowering debut release, "SINGLE ON YOU."

Always having a deep passion for music creation since she was a child, Stephanie Merkus has been sharpening her songwriting skills for years and is finally putting them to good use with her new music career. The Calgary-based recording artist creates a country sound with a modern pop twist, and we should only expect new singles from Merkus this year as she continues connecting to a broader fanbase.

Focussing on her big debut release, "SINGLE ON YOU," Stephanie Merkus introduces us to her sweet and sincere stylings by way of this anthemic and energetic new single. We love the song's playful and early-Taylor-Swift-like feel that paints various wholesome country backroad images in our minds while Merkus embraces the empowering feeling of a newfound single lifestyle.

Elaborating on the new track, "SINGLE ON YOU," the tune kicks into gear with a warm acoustic guitar melody alongside light percussion arrangements and Stephanie Merkus' soothing vocals. While singing of an ex and knowing he's blabbing his mouth about her, Merkus reminds him that she's doing just fine being single, in fact, better.

Stephanie Merkus gets straight to the point in this new track, and she reminds herself and her ex that being single looks good on both of them. The song's instrumental and light-hearted groove continues to pour through our speakers with the addition of bright and modern pop synths that float in the background and guide us to the outro alongside the staple country elements.

Introduce yourself to the blossoming country-pop recording artist Stephanie Merkus through her debut release, "SINGLE ON YOU," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stephanie Merkus. Congratulations on releasing your empowering and feel-good debut single, "SINGLE ON YOU." How does this song introduce us to who you are and the style of music you create?

Thanks! Excited to be here. I think “SINGLE ON YOU” represents who I encompass as an individual and also an artist. It's funny because a lot of my previous songs have a different feel but I decided this was the one I wanted to come out as my debut single. I was always looking for my sound in music but could never quite string it together. Then I wrote “SINGLE ON YOU” and voila, here we are. I mixed my love for pop and country together to debut as a pop-country artist.

What inspired you to write the honest and inspirational lyrics for "SINGLE ON YOU?" Was that an easy songwriting process?

My inspiration for this song was based on a breakup. I put my pen to paper and notes to my guitar the day I broke up with my boyfriend. To be honest, the songwriting process was easy as I channeled the emotions I was feeling that day. I wanted this song to be sung for women everywhere; empowering us to know our worth and walk away from a relationship that does not validate us. I believe everyone deserves to be fought for, especially in a romantic relationship. When you are communicating boundaries and your needs to your partner they should never make you feel bad about it. A relationship should be a safe space and that was when I decided instead of mourning the relationship… “single looks good on you and me too.” It is hard when you love someone so much and they are not willing to meet you halfway. I wish absolutely nothing but the best for this person and although this song reflects strength there is still an immense amount of pain associated with this relationship; which you will hear more about in my next songs. Needless to say, it was time to let go of what was and focus on what a happy single life looked like for me. Ultimately this was an easy song for me to write as I let my emotions inspire me.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help bring "SINGLE ON YOU" to life? What was that creative process like?

I had the opportunity to work with two very talented musicians that helped enhance my song. Joel Pearson in Calgary who recorded and produced it as well as Wayne Proctor out in the UK who mixed/ mastered this. It was a crazy experience! I remember sitting down with my guitar and writing lyrics and music to this and just hearing production off of that every time I went into the studio was really cool. The more I sang this song the more empowered I felt. It's a really cool experience going from words on a paper, to music, to recording, to a full-on radio-ready song.

When creating " SINGLE ON YOU, did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating "SINGLE ON YOU?" What impact have those artists had on your music?

I grew up listening to a lot of country music as well as a lot of pop music. Lady A, Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, and Shania Twain were all female influences I had and admired their sound and lyrics. I kinda mixed all of that together and those are the influences that have pulled me in the direction I decided to go with my songwriting and stage presence.

What's next for you?

I have been writing songs like crazy, I have a lot of emotions to process as of late. I find songwriting very helpful in aiding me to understand and come to closure with some things I never got the chance to have conversations about. My next few songs are a bit different, and maybe there is an EP coming out sometime… without dropping too many hints. I also am playing at some local pubs/bars here which I am really excited about.

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