Still Talk Expands on the Importance of Being Independent in, "Veronica"

Thriving on melancholic emo merged with pop influences, singer-songwriter and alternative artist Still Talk releases a sonic confession with her latest single, "Veronica."

Inspired by bands like Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Boygenius, and The Night Game, Still Talk's sound takes listeners through modern melancholia while bursting like a wildfire with contemporary pop elements. Recently releasing her debut EP, 'Bleed,' Still Talk opened up about the phases of her life and how she's constantly evolving to grow wiser and stronger.

Now releasing her spirited yet lyrically dense single, "Veronica," Still Talk mentioned that Veronica isn't someone she knows personally but an embodiment of what Still Talk strives to be. While melting our speakers with the utmost chilling and lively alt-rock/pop instrumentation, Still Talk makes the experience all the more savory with her deeply relatable words that strike the listener with immense reflection.

Diving into "Veronica," the song opens with an upbeat alternative instrumental and Still Talk's hazy and relaxed vocal stylings that depict the scenes of an introspective young woman who's more than confused about her romantic stance with someone dear to her heart. As Still Talk leads us to the hook, she softly delivers lyrics that emphasize not depending on someone else and living solely for herself.

We can't get enough of the song's bright, anthemic, and beaming instrumentals, as the dense bass licks, wailing lead guitar, punchy rhythm guitar, and upbeat drum breaks give us all the thrills and chills we're looking for in modern alt-rock/pop. As the song ends, Still Talk leaves us with empowering words to remind us of the importance of being independent.

Find peace of mind with help from Still Talk's recent hit, "Veronica," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Still Talk. We love the spirited and passionate approach you've taken with your latest single, "Veronica." What inspired you to write this empowering single?

After going through some heartbreak, it was simply time for me to reflect and be relentlessly honest with myself. And I had to ask myself these questions. Like, why does the same thing keep happening and why is it so hard for me to react differently. I just had to find the strength and trust in myself and not others. I started writing this song in 2018 and it grew with me.

What sort of instrumental atmosphere did you want to deliver with "Veronica?" What was your creative process like when formulating the instrumentals and sonic vibe?

I knew I wanted a more raw sound for the song. It started out with the acoustic guitar and then we arranged the song with the rest of the band in our studio "nummerdrei" in Cologne. We all knew right away how we wanted the song to sound and we finished recording it completely in one day.

Why did you choose to create this character who embodies everything you strive to become with the single "Veronica?" What does "Veronica" have that you want?

I believe that progress is not a straight line. You experience setbacks all the time, and that's only human. Veronica is this role model that I have created in my head. She's badass and I'm striving to become more and more like her.

How is "Veronica" different from the songs within your latest EP, 'Bleed?' Does your recent single offer a more uplifting and independent feel than the songs within the EP?

It's different in every way. The old songs I recorded mostly at home and I didn't have my awesome band yet. I actually thought about deleting the songs, but I also think it's nice to see the evolution of my music and a part of me is very proud of it.

What's next for you?

We will soon release our second single with video and our EP will come out in early 2022. There's gonna be some pop-punk vibes in our future music and we hope that the Covid-situation will soon allow us to play more shows again. We are ready!