Sty-Low Is Tryna Be “Dif’ren”

Canadian rapper Sty-Low AKA Mister D.O.P.E (Determination On Point Every day), is back with a fresh banger. This time around, his song is about being ‘’Dif’ren.’’

Toronto-based rapper Sty-Low also performs as a singer and a producer. He combines the grit of hip-hop with the melodies of r&b; his goal is to create good music with a purpose. ‘’Dif’ren’’ has sick lyrics about standing out and being different, something we all need a little reminding of sometimes.

West Coast Hip-Hop from the 1990s primarily influences Sty-Low. He is inspired by performers and producers like Dr. Dre, which he mentions in ‘’Dif’ren’’, DJ Quik, and 2Pac. His distinctive sound is a low-key, quick-paced rap style he calls "Whisper Roar," which features melodic beats.

His musical talents produce the kind of music that makes you want to repeatedly press the repeat button. A powerful rhythm, bass-heavy beat, and powerful lines set the tone for "Dif'ren" from the get-go. The mind-boggling track melts you into a trance.

Sty-Low has a distinct roughness to his voice, and his rapping is spot-on. His distinctive Whisper Roar style is instantly recognizable and incredibly alluring. The video is quite interesting. It begins in a BDSM-like environment, getting hotter and sexier by the second.

‘’Dif’ren’’ hits all the notes for a laid-back get-together with friends. It’ll set the mood with energetic lines, motivating lyrics, and an upbeat rhythm.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sty-Low. Where do you keep drawing so much inspiration from? Can you tell us where you sourced your inspiration when writing ‘’Dif’ren?"

Thanks to BuzzMusic for having me back. I draw inspiration from the love I have for music. Once I make a beat, the music tells me what I will be rapping about. once I wrote Dif'ren, I started writing the script for the Music video. I also wanted to be different from my previous video yet, keep the same dark atmosphere.

What makes you want to be different? Why do you want your listeners to know the importance of being different?

I am inspired by 90s Hip Hop when "biting"(taking, copying) anybody else's style was a bad thing. Everyone wanted to sound unique and be different, but nowadays, every rapper wants to sound alike; the beats sound alike, and they all talk about the same things. I want my listeners to understand the importance of being different, but most importantly, they need to be themselves, and this is why in "Dif'ren," I say, "I'm the best cause, I'm the best Me..."

Where do you draw inspiration from when producing your music?

I constantly have melodies in my head, so I make beats in my head, which is how I ended up making over 400 beats. What I do these days is listen to my beats, and if I start envisioning a music video as I am listening, then I start writing the song.

What's the message you want people to take away from ‘’Dif’ren?"

I want people to embrace being unique and be themselves if they have it in them because standing out can make you an outcast. Some people want to fit in; I was born to stand out, which is why I don't use any profanity in my lyrics, and I don't talk about anything most rappers stereotypically talk about(money, violence, drugs, etc...). I respect what other rappers do, but I would rather be "Dif'ren!"

What's next for you?

I am constantly working on new music, so I'm already planning my next single called "Kaptav8'n Ya Br8n" (captivating your brain) that I might release for Halloween 2023. I have high standards, so I will always keep producing high-quality music supported by amazing music videos.