Submerge Yourself in NO!RE's Chilling Self-Titled EP

Striving to inspire listeners with each release, the R&B/Soul duo, and Singer-Songwriters NO!RE gives us something to savor with their latest self-titled EP, "NO!RE."

NO!RE is well-known for the vast creative talent, dedicating itself to music, performing, and everything in between. Not to mention their memorable live performances and flawless studio recordings, NO!RE has perfected their craft to offer an irresistible and authentic sound to the industry. We're excited to introduce their latest EP, "NO!RE," as they bring listeners into prime R&B and emotional lyricism.

Opening their self-titled EP with the intro track, "Wtvr I Say!," the piece begins with soothing R&B keys and a dreamy bassline that sets the song's calming and mellow tone. As one half of NO!RE starts singing an empowering message of confidence and standing in her dominant and powerful ground, we're completely taken aback by her comforting yet authoritative vocal delivery with impeccable melodies and grace. Not to mention the song's sensual and sultry production, we love the sonic depth that the song's atmosphere exudes through each profound kick and synth. Losing ourselves in the serenity of this piece, we adore how NO!RE opened the EP with vast heart and poise.

Moving into the EP's second track, "Drownin' (feat. MeMo)," the piece opens with shimmering synths and effects accompanied by the fluttery vocals of NO!RE. While the sonics capture the modern bliss of contemporary R&B through crisp drum patterns, melodic guitar, and glimmering synths, the two vocalists in NO!RE come through to offer heightened sensual vibes with their compelling lyricism. Listening to their lyrical content, we hear NO!RE sing passionately around themes of lust and desire while feeling grateful to find someone who satisfies their every craving. We couldn't have asked for a more passionate and sensual track, like NO!RE drenches this tune in heightened emotion and lust.

Getting slightly nostalgic with the third track, "Comets Crashing," we're met with blissful R&B keys at a down-tempo pace. As the sweet stylings of the vocalists in NO!RE enters the song with the utmost grace and elegance; their heavenly vocal portrayal keeps us hooked into the song's vibrant and groovy atmosphere. Listening to their lyricism, NO!RE brings forward another empowering message of finding the love you deserve and making needed realizations to move forward from unjust relationships. We adore the calming harmonies and vocal layering that NO!RE captures within this piece, as they blast us out of this atmosphere and into tranquility.

Getting deeper and more energetic with the next piece, "Woah (feat. Soleille)," the track opens with an incredibly profound Hip-Hop beat that sweats through our speakers with impressive power and might. As NO!RE begins singing their lyrics of pushing their dreams until it's a reality; they bring us into an authentic lyrical message of coming up from the bottom and remembering tougher times that seem so distant from their abundant present-day. Featuring the sweet stylings of Soleille on this powerful and rich piece, we highly appreciate the empowering themes and exceptional performance that this collaboration has to offer.

Moving forward with the next track, "4 The Streetz," the tune begins with a down-tempo R&B beat accompanied by tight drum breaks and haunting keyboard melodies. As NO!RE comes in and sings another empowering and inspirational message of realizing someone's true colors; they bring this irresistible and intoxicating flair through their mesmerizing vocal performance that shifts from rapping to singing. Displaying their vast versatility on this piece, we can't help but hear similarities to artists like SZA, Kehlani, and Summer Walker, as this duo, brings all the emotion and desire to keep listeners hooked onto this brilliant project.

Bringing us into the passionate and intriguing piece, "Apart," the piece begins with an exclamation of wanting someone's endless desire but being troubled by the fact that they're better apart. As NO!RE begins vocalizing their passionate lyricism surrounding loving someone from afar and the adversity that separation entails; we can feel their genuine emotion through their intoxicating vocal performance that soaks our speakers with agitation. The surrounding production offers a mid-tempo groove with delicate drum patterns, haunting synths, and a mellow saxophone sample that brings the song's authenticity to its peak while ending it off with a reflective and calming outro.

Reaching the end of the EP with the outro track, "La Matatana" NO!RE opens this piece with chilling keys and empowering vocal performance. While singing about reaching their desires and dreams on their own, we love the confident themes and performance that NO!RE captures not only within this piece but the entire EP. While the production offers this mysterious and haunting vibe, it perfectly complements NO!RE's compelling performance and their self-assured bars and lyricism. Going back and forth from rapping to melodically singing their sweet message of self-worth, we're more than pleased with NO!RE's delivery on this piece as the EP comes to a close.

Experience the authentic and irresistible stylings of NO!RE on their recent self-titled EP "N O ! R E," as they carve their paths to success within each chilling and empowering piece.

When did you begin creating tracks for the project?

Originally, without evening knowing we were creating a project, we created 'Wtvr I Say!’ in the summer of 2019. From then, we developed instant chemistry and agreed to make more music together. A year had passed by before we linked up again, but we very spontaneously created ‘4 The Streetz’ in June of 2020— and the idea to create a project shortly followed (literally the night we recorded). As spur-of-the-moment as it was, creating the project happened very authentically. We recorded the entire EP within a month and added the last track "La Matatana" this past December.

Within your EP "N O ! R E," you've placed incredibly empowering and emotional themes through your lyrical content. Did you want to capture a particular concept throughout the EP?

Not quite. We were just authentic to our personal experiences so, in the end, it worked itself out. Being young we have a lot of lessons to learn about life & love, and we think the project documents that journey. We think we're natural storytellers so the intense and narrative lyrics just seem to flow from us.

Did you have any help from producers or engineers when navigating the sonics for the EP "N O ! R E”?

Yes, throughout the project we have beats produced by Sage Sound, Marc Mathias, Rose Gold, and Gillie Beats. They were expertly engineered by Markus and Louie from "The Kitchen DMV” Studios. They're a true diamond in the rough.

Could you take us through how your group split the creative/songwriting process for your EP "N O ! R E"? What was your experience like when formulating the EP?

We received all the beats at the same time, and pretty much whoever came up with a flow/chorus first — we ran with it. We always kept each other in mind while writing, so in the end, the only “debates” we had would be how we wanted to go about arranging the songs. Working with each other is very easy because as different as the two of us are personally, musically we're on the same wavelength. We have a very collaborative relationship so everything was essentially 50/50. From the time we recorded "4 The Streetz" to when we recorded the bulk of the EP, only two and a half weeks had passed. Magical things happen when you find your person in this music world and we're definitely each other's person.

What do you want your audience to take away from the entirety of your EP "N O ! R E”?

Girl Power. The Future is Female. Black Girl Magic is very much real and present, and essentially we’re just two young black women on a journey through this thing called life, and through our music & movement, we want to bring everyone with us.