Sugies Julia Tells Us About the Challenges of a Toxic Relationship in "A Different Guy"

Emerging singer/songwriter Sugies Julia has recently released her engaging and relatable track, "A Different Guy". As an artist who prioritizes mental health and mental health awareness, Sugies Julia takes the time to create "A Different Guy", a song that houses many themes of prioritizing one's mental state. Sugies Julia has that unique vocal sounding that fits extremely well into a pop environment. Her ultimate goal within the music industry is to synthesize these experiences and soundings for listeners to genuinely relate to, attempting to create that undeniable connection between artist and listener via shared experiences. "A Different Guy" does exactly as such.

Sugies Julia's track "A Different Guy" starts off with a fast-paced production, which remains steady throughout the entirety of the track. Sugies Julia takes "A Different Guy" to explore the theme of a toxic relationship, and the personal journey that comes along with fully coming to terms with the toxicity. "A Different Guy" offers up a difficult situation many of us have undergone, as well as the strain that accompanies escaping a harmful relationship. Sugies Julia goes back and forth with her perspective on the track, and it gives the song a sense of balance. Production-wise, "A Different Guy" has that catchy beat and overall styling that matches the lightness that Sugies Julia brings to the track and overall message. "A Different Guy" doesn't feel like a heavy track, despite its overall significance in meaning. It goes without saying that Sugies Julia created another relatable pop track that many can listen along to and resonate with.

Check out "A Different Guy" by Sugies Julia here.

Welcome, Sugies Julia! Let's get right into talking about your recent release, "A Different Guy". Would you say that this particular single stemmed from personal experience, or did you create the track to ultimately connect with listeners regarding a commonly shared experience?

I would say that this specific song was written more so about a topic that I am passionate about as opposed to a direct link to my personal life. I know that this particular topic is a situation that, sadly, a lot of people are dealing with, and I think that it’s important for anyone who’s involved in an abusive relationship to know that they deserve better and shouldn’t tolerate anyone’s ongoing disrespect.

As an emerging artist, how does it feel to release "A Different Guy"? How has the process of writing and recording felt, and what kind of feedback has the song seen thus far since its release?

I had a lot of fun writing “A Different Guy” because I knew that I was conveying an important message in a song that, in and of itself, isn’t too depressing or overwhelming to listen to. This is actually the first song I’ve ever recorded in a “studio” (a room in someone’s house), and it was really exciting. I wasn’t even expecting to record it, but one day my brother, Senseilit from The Collab, was like “Hey, you wanna go to the stu?” and I was like “Sure!”I don’t have a secured fan base thus far, but the people who I know have listened to the song say that they really like it, so that’s a good sign. Also, “A Different Guy” has been put on all music platforms, so that’s really encouraging!

Would you say that you prefer to use your music as a platform to communicate integral messages to listeners?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I “prefer” to do that, but I definitely think that more of my songs will have important messages in them. As of right now, my songs are mostly about being in a relationship and the ups and downs that go along with it.

Where do you hope to take off artistically now that "A Different Guy" is out for all listeners?

I hope that I am able to continue improving my craft as a singer-songwriter. I want to share my music with as many people as possible and I hope that they enjoy it as much as I do. As of now, “A Different Guy” is the only song I have out on all popular streaming platforms under The Collab, but hopefully, I’ll be able to release songs under my own name soon.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

They can expect more fun pop and R&B songs. I always have lyrics and rhythms popping in my head that I latch onto and create stories with, so more songs are definitely to come. A lot of the songs on my SoundCloud don’t have beats to them yet, but the songs that I’ll be posting soon will have some catchy beats, so I’m excited to release those.