Sultry Soul Artist Vica Introduces an Eccentric Sound in 2019 and We Can't Wait to See What's Next!

Singer/songwriter Vica has attempted to display her artistic potential throughout this past year. Looking at Vica is her entirety as an artist, we sense a comfortable and relaxing approach to creating vivid experiences for listeners. Going over some noteworthy tracks, one release that Vica had in 2019 was "You've Won". The composite of Vica's production in "You've Won" is centralized. The consistent sound creates a familiar and warm atmosphere, which is cultivated by Vica's harmonious vocal outflow. Vica offers her raw emotions up to listeners' ears with "You've Won", as the song captures the essence of heartbreak. Her alluring and sensual aura can be easily attended to, and we find ourselves closing our eyes to feel Vica within all senses. Another track Vica released this year, titled "Good Love", offers a similar approach as "You've Won" in terms of production.

With a consistent instrumental and synth collection, "Good Love" remains just as honest and soft as Vica's vocal execution. Although, the track does introduce fun and lively element, the one that makes it easy to move some part of your body along to.


As we move on to other releases from Vica, we find ourselves listening to "Sex and Music". The feel of this track is more elastic and silky than previous ones. Vica displays her vulnerabilities and lustful tendencies to create the essence that is "Sex and Music". At some parts of the track, there's a potent ethereal and atmospheric vibe that allows for that reflective moment from a listener's standpoint. It's no doubt that Vica creates a vivid visual experience for her listeners with her releases 2019 saw, and we're anticipating further artistic growth in 2020! Listen to the eccentric stylings of Vica here.


Hello Vica! 2019 saw a few releases from you, and all of them were consistent with the alluring and earthly ambiance your music captures. Out of the 2019 releases, which one do you think resonated better with listeners?

Hello Buzz Music! Thanks for having me! I released 3 songs this year which I’m really proud of and they were all pretty well received. They are all somewhat different and I feel appeal to different markets. You’ve Won and Good Love was produced by the same person, @zforbesofficial and have that same smooth old school vibe which appealed to a very R&B kind of crowd. Sex and Music is a little more dramatic and was accompanied by my first video which had been a concept for a year and was finally released. It was also well received so I‘m very proud of that. 

Let's talk about the messages you integrate into your music. What would you say was the predominant takeaway message of "Sex and Music"?

This song is about a fling I had with a guy, pretty much describing how the only thing we had in common was sex and music. It starts out saying I knew it wouldn’t last but by the end of the song it’s revealed that I was actually affected by the relationship even though I thought I knew there was no future.  Not my proudest moment so I decided to share it with the world lol.

Could you ever see yourself blending in genre elements that listeners have never seen your music emulate before?

Yes definitely! This is a bit of a teaser but I’ve recently been doing a lot of dancing, urban contemporary and afrobeat so I’m hoping to include that in my releases in 2020, both in my music and my performances.

How do you feel you showcase your vulnerabilities to your listeners? Would you say that the majority of your songs capture real-life experiences on your end, or do you keep your private and artistic life separate?

My songs are definitely based on real-life experiences. However, I hope to be artistic and abstract enough so it’s not an obvious dear-diary experience. However sometimes for my performances, I can be very candid about who they are about lol. 

Now that we're walking through your 2019 from a music standpoint, how do you feel about your collection of releases and the way your music came together as a whole for 2019?

To be honest, I just did what I felt was right. If I felt like a song was ready for that time for the market, then I would release it. I have a bunch of songs that are still unreleased but I like to go with how I feel, what resonates with me at that moment. I believe that if I am genuine and connected with certain songs at a specific time, it will also resonate with my audience.  

Congratulations on the success your music has seen over 2019! Thanks for talking to us about your releases, and the meaning of the music that is Vica! Where do you see your artistic path extending from here?

Thank you so much! 2020 will see more of my exploration as an artist, including different facets of media, especially visually as I am not only a musical artist, I am also as a visual one. I hope to incorporate more movement and a more dynamic performance aspect to my repertoire, and I plan to push myself this year artistically for sure. I’m very excited so stay tuned!