Summit City Brass Showcases Blues Backbone In New Album “Blinding Light”

Melding a tight rhythm and blues backbone with a slick line-up of blazing horns, Summit City Brass is taking the world by storm. Performing an energizing show featuring dynamic and original music, SCB is charging ahead and boldly introducing a new era of live entertainment on Earth. Playing a thrilling mix of your new favorites that’s guaranteed to strike a chord with any audience, Summit City Brass is the band that everyone is talking about.

Summit City Brass’ latest album titled “Blinding Light” is out now and we had the pleasure of checking it out. Not only is the music a simple joy to let play, the intro track “The Flock” offers up some decidedly memorable melodies and progressions. It comes complete with an instrumental flicker of a hook that undoubtedly leaves its tune lingering with you long after listening.

Mood-wise, “We Can’t Wait” steps into a smoother, perhaps more mellow and classically free-flowing jazz style, still in sync with the overall vibe though and the instrumental set-up. Then you get the bounce and entrancing rhythm of the title track “Blinding Light”, adding further eclecticism and helping start the project off in a manner that holds close to your interest. This one rises up beautifully and evolves to become a full and warm soundscape of rhythmic, retro dashes of expression. “I Was Sleeping” redirects thing yet again, you get the classically smooth and authentic SCB sound coming through as a notable celebration and a sheer burst of love for music and performance in line with that. Superb vocals really set the mood well in this one.

Keeping things consistently interesting is something this album has easily achieved. “Keep It Funky” is a definite highlight to prove this, it stands out for its cooler, late-night vibe, the spacious nature of the arrangement, and the subtle swagger with which the melody appears. Then you get the quicker pace and groove of “Apropos” to further that late-night aura with a little energy and motivation. Retro tones shine well through vintage sound arrangements on “Idle Minds”. Then another classic groove emerges, complete with a rise and fall sentiment that’s quickly hypnotic. Gorgeous piano ballad, “Too Many Tears” features a lightness to the notes and it works well at this late stage. Again, this near-melancholic yet still optimistic and confident piece adds something cool to the collection. “Through The Gate” is another highlight, a track with a joyful bounce and melody to it. As memorable as the opener and a simple delight to turn up loud. Then the stylish brass band leads the way once more for “A Different Road”, prompting you to consider the underlying intentions and artistic direction of the whole project. “Got Love” rounds things up and sees the album finish in an energetic and engaging manner. Gritty and hard-hitting vocals help create a sense of togetherness and something that’s easy to like. A great way to finish and an album that’s absolutely on par. Summit City Brass are undeniably the ones to look out for.

Check out “Blinding Light” here and read more with Summit City Brass below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Summit City Brass! How long have you been jamming together, and what first prompted you to start?

Bandleader Joseph James started Summit City Brass in 2015, after moving to northeast Indiana from Chicago.  He was managing a horn-rock group at the time and wanted to recreate the band in Fort Wayne and focus on original material.

What does the album “Blinding Light” represent for you?

Blinding Light is about seeing past the distractions we all face in these modern times. It's about tearing down the barriers that hold us back and from seeing the truth.

What does it mean to you to be able to make music and perform together as a group?

Everyone has a different skill set. We each have a unique way of approaching the music we play. It's fun. And we do it because we enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on the mainstream music world at present?

Music really has evolved over the years. Because technology has enabled a greater number of people to access the listening public, there's a lot of noise out there. Summit City Brass is hoping to reach the same audience and bring us back to a simpler time.

What’s one of your greatest aspirations as a band?

We want our message to improve the lives of everyone we reach.

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