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SUMWHR Is Ready To Risk It All In His New Release “More”

The LA melodic songwriter returns with another banger in his signature “Wave R&B” musical style.

SUMWHR continues to stay true to his sound and roots. Hailing from Watts, a neighbourhood in southern LA, SUMWHR is no stranger to adversity, hardship or danger. However, where others would have crumbled under pressure, he’s excelled.

With a burning determination to make a name for himself in the music industry, SUMWHR went hard in the studio, finding creative and positive ways to express himself through music. By fusing traditional R&B with some experimental and modern sounds, SUMWHR created a sound unique for him, aptly naming it “Wave R&B.”

One of the defining features of SUMWHR’s artist identity is change. He’s constantly looking to push the boundaries of what seems possible; refusing to be complacent, he’s constantly evolving and finding new sounds to implement in his music. One could say he’s a perfectionist but also an artist in the truest sense of the word; he’s always looking for new ways to tell his story while remaining true to his “Wave R&B” sound.

“More,” the latest product of SUMWHR’s artistic evolution, finds him channelling a little more hip-hop than when we last saw him on “CRZY THiNGZ.” Over a booming bassline and some 808 percussions that combine seamlessly with the hazy instrumentals of SUMWHR’s wave R&B, SUMWHR takes us on another musical journey.

Regarding the uncertainty of commitment in modern-day relationships, SUMWHR’s lyrics are once again accessible and relatable. Casually dropping lines like “Think about it don’t tease me / I swear I wanted more,” SUMWHR once again showcases his ability to perfectly capture the angst and triumphs of modern relationships in his music. It’s clear that with every evolution, SUMWHR pushes boundaries and is only getting better and better.

In a world where everyone tries to sound the same, SUMWHR stands out as a true original. His "Wave R&B" sound is something you need to experience, and once you do, you'll be hooked. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “More,” available now on all streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, SUMWHR! We loved “More”; we think the little bit of a hip-hop vibe you combined with your “Wave R&B” went together perfectly. We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this particular song?

Well, now more than ever, we have to incorporate the sounds of Hip-Hop into R&B to stay relevant. Most people tap in when things are familiar, you know. So with that said, the true inspiration to the song is putting your all into situationship/relationships because we all try to put 110% effort into being happy right?

A little while ago, you released “CRZY THiNGZ,” and now you’ve released “More” and "Let Em Go.” A little bit of a different vibe, but both are unique pieces in their own right. What made you switch it up a little regarding the vibe you brought to “More?"

So, it is always important to try and create something better than the last record. I believe pushing the sound in different directions forces me to step outside the box and create a piece of work that stands on its own. It is hard to try another vibe while keeping the essence of your sound; you know what I mean. Challenging but worth the time for sure.

What was your favourite part of the artistic process for making “More?"

Man, to be honest, I’m just in love with the entire process. I get excited from the time I start the beat down to the mastering of the records because the art is something special when you start from zero. That is how I genuinely feel, but if I had to choose one moment, it would be the final results, and I mean just listening back and knowing you created this body of work from a blank canvas, and now people get to hear all the hard work.

What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to “More?" Is there any message you want them to take away from the song?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself on a ledge for someone you deem special. We have to fight for these moments in life to share with a companion. No matter how other people feel, they are not the relationship or whatever you call it for your situation. Once the lights are off, and the doors are closed, it’s only two people in that room.

What’s next for SUMWHR? Do you have any big plans for the year, and can we expect to hear more “Wave R&B” soon?

I plan to continue dropping music consistently and developing into a better version of myself, writing more records for myself and others, and trying to branch out and do more features because I enjoy working with different people. Be on the lookout for “MORE” music in 2023.


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