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SUMWHR Mixes Up With That “Chemistry”

SUMWHR's music is a breath of fresh air in the R&B genre. As a melodic songwriter, producer, engineer, and sound architect, he's pushing all boundaries with his edgy approach to music. Hailing from Watts, a city where the system can easily swallow you up, SUMWHR learned other ways to express himself from a young age, as independence was a key factor in his youth.

Previously known as Novelle Vega, SUMWHR had a bright and impactful start in the music industry. He was featured on VH1's "Black Ink Crew," which helped to catapult his career to new heights. Now, he has crafted a new melodic texture that takes listeners on a journey. His music contains endless ear candy, catchy lyrics, and melodic vibes that will leave a lasting impression.

"Chemistry" is a prime example of SUMWHR's unique sound, which blends R&B and wave music with an edgy twist. The drill beat provides the driving force that gives it that edge, while his smooth vocals moonwalk across the beat, which is emphasized by its aggressive percussion and spread melodies that create a sense of tension and urgency.

What sets SUMWHR apart from other artists in the genre is his ability to blend the vocals and beat them together seamlessly. Rather than allowing the two elements to compete, he finds a way to make them work in harmony. His voice rides the rhythm of the beat effortlessly, creating a sense of captivating and hypnotic flow.

"Chemistry" is a wavy bounce of an experience for all kinds of listeners and a testament to SUMWHR's ability to push boundaries in the R&B and wave music genres.

Don’t miss SUMWHR's latest, "Chemistry," available now on all platforms.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic SUMWHR! Big up on the latest drop with “Chemistry," a dynamic and complex song that blends multiple genres and influences. Can you speak to the creative process that went into crafting this track?

"Chemistry" just had a different energy to me during the creation. I consciously tried to pull from other genres to blend something special. Took me a while to put my finger on how to approach this record. I’m always trying to blend the 90s vibe with the current wave, you know, and I believe it is refreshing to push the envelope.

You grew up in Watts, known for its rich history in music and art. How did your upbringing shape your music and artistic vision?

Where I’m from, things go left real fast; if you're not on your toes, falling behind is a reality for most. The steady grind in Watts is unmatched because everybody is out to level up. My motivation is to make it through the day, so growing up, I made it a point to do whatever it took to make it out. The stories I carry with me built the structure to write because that pain is hurried and deep but a reminder to keep pushing. I learned from many OG’s: don’t dwell on the past, and only look to the future because you can shape it the way you want to leave a mark.

Your sound has been described as "wave R&B" with an edgy approach. How do you define your sound, and what sets you apart from other R&B artists?

I mean, the sound is built off a healthy balance of old and new, if you get what I’m saying. I believe my sound is current but not pinpointed exactly to anyone else. Somehow I figured out how to blend dark R&Bish sound with a hip-hop/drill element to compliment my textures. Listening to my music is a journey through desperation, anxiety, love, hate, pressure and, most importantly, growth.

Lyrically, "Chemistry" is introspective and reveals a deep understanding of relationships. Do you find your songwriting therapeutic, and how do you translate your personal experiences into relatable lyrics?

Man, I think my music is very therapeutic, to be honest. When writing songs, I feel I could be direct and honest because someone else feels the same way in the world. The steps I take are how I could create something captivating but relatable in specific ways, and what I’ve learned over time is people want to hear the real direct message without watering it down. So when I’m writing, it’s like I’m the listener; if it doesn’t resonate, I redirect. My approach is to act as if we are conversing with each other, and honestly, it works in most cases. The process is always fun but a battle as well.

As a multifaceted artist with experience as a producer and sound architect, are there any other areas of the music industry you'd like to explore in the future?

I’m on this journey and curious to see where it leads me in the long run. I’m just excited for the future, as we all should be. I’m putting all my energy into leaving a legacy in any way possible through music. Open to the opportunities that may enter my life.


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