Sunny Birla Sings His Soul Out With Latest Single “These Words"

Sunny Birla decided at a young age that music was what he had to pursue in life—as if music was his true calling of character. We’re fascinated when artists feel that calling to become the artist they are. The power that music has, and clearly holds in Sunny’s life with his connection to music, is undeniable. Sunny creates his music with such passion—passion that cannot simply be fabricated with how intense you can feel the emotion in Sunny’s music. You feel almost powerful and surged when listening to Sunny’s music, especially his latest song “These Words”.

Sunny Birla, without a doubt, has a sound you haven’t quite heard before. And that’s what we love finding here at BuzzMusic—independent artists who curate a sound that is atypical, unique, and cultivating. Sunny maintains a soothing and silky tone throughout his vocalism, which ultimately creates a vibrant and tranquil environment for the listener. “These Words” is the perfect pop ballad that we know the pop-music scene will adore. Sunny Birla tells captivating stories throughout his music, and “These Words”  continues that pattern with  raw and honest story behind the production. A love song we’re obsessed with, and know BuzzMusic readers will be too, “These Words” is the perfect song to listen to when feeling reminiscent or thoughtful. We feel that Sunny’s sound is unique for this days age of pop music. We don’t see a ton of male pop ballad artists, and Sunny's sound is incredibly refreshing and fitting right into a category that needs his music right now. Feel free to give his music a listen to see exactly what we’re talking about. 

Check out Sunny’s “These Words” here, and don’t forget to catch his exclusive interview below!

Hey there Sunny! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys, My actual name is Anurag Birla but I go by the name Sunny Birla, simply because Sunny was a nickname given to me by family and friends as a kid. I was born and brought up in Hong Kong but moved to NYC for college. I just graduated from NYU and have been writing and recording music with my friend Derrick Wan for the last year. I just released my 4th single, These Words, not so long ago and I’m super excited about where I want to take my music.

Your sound is so soft and soulful. We love how honest you sound in your music! How do you envision your overall sound is interpreted by your fans?

I obviously want all my fans and listeners to feel the lyrics and hopefully go on an emotional journey that I’ve tried to create through each of my songs. So far I’ve tried to be as true to my emotions as I can, but there’s a lot more to me than just being soft and soulful and I think in terms of the future I am definitely looking to experiment and be more bold with my music. I want my fans to relate to what I’m expressing. I want the music to evoke any sort of emotion in them really, it’s all about the feel.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you first started off as an artist, what would it be?

One thing I would tell myself would be to not worry too much about trying to copy certain artists, be true to yourself and hopefully you can develop a unique and different sound through that. Focus on what you can bring out through your music and don’t be afraid to attempt new things, you don’t have to always play it safe.

We feel that your sound is unique for this days age of pop music. What was your goal when entering the pop ballad category of music?

I think with this song especially I wanted to paint a romantic but heartbroken picture at the same time. I wanted people to be able to almost slow dance to the song while evoking emotions that would bring back bittersweet memories of “what could’ve been”. I just wanted to take people through a journey of love and loss and hopefully I could do that for most listeners.

How do you feel about the music industry today?

It’s super exciting! I think that it’s amazing how anyone in the world can record something simple and upload it onto these streaming services, it gives music listeners so many options in terms of what they want to listen to. Obviously, this makes it much more competitive for aspiring artists, but for music, it’s such a win, because people connect to all sorts of music in all different ways.

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