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T3TRA Releases Upbeat Summer Hit “Angels Wings”

Tess Dunn, known as T3TRA, is a 24 year-old female artist who is currently making an impact in the pop/electro genre. Although young, T3TRA has spent countless hours on the execution of her music style, as well as notable time on curating songs. This artist definitely isn’t new to the game—T3TRA has recorded and toured her music since her early teenage years, being quite the novice in the independent artist game. If I had to compare T3TRA’s unique style to any other artist, I would have to say I definitely pick up some of Halsey’s independent music vibes (the melody and voice are crazy alike). T3TRA’s most recent album “Lightswitch” is a fresh take on the electro sound we all love to hear, especially  right around the time of summer. 

T3TRA’s most recent single “Angels Wings” is a refreshing take on modern electro-pop genre. T3TRA contributes to the fairly more prominent category we’re seeing in music nowadays in the most complementing way. This track catches your attention with underlying upbeat tempo present throughout. T3TRA then adds her skillful lyricism shortly after the track begins, and kills the execution. In my opinion, “Angels Wings” also explores an underlying theme of lust—it makes you feel sultry, yet jubilant. Electro-pop songs always make me want to dance along, and T3TRA’s single wasn’t any different, it definitely had me moving along to it. The best songs are those that immediately compel you to move along with the beat—T3TRA definitely captured this aspect perfectly in “Angels Wings”. A catchy song no doubt, and for sure a single I’m adding to my 2019 summer playlist! 

Add “Angels Wings” to your playlist here, and scroll below for T3TRA’s personalized interview!

Hey T3TRA! How’ve you been since your single release?

Hey there! I’ve been busy and good. Angel’s Wings is racking up streams on Spotify, which is super exciting. And I’m proud of the music video, though I’ve been so busy that I haven’t totally promoted it, which is kind of embarrassing to admit. But once I get on that, I’m excited to see how it’s received!

Tell us about the process of writing “Angels Wings”. Was your vision for the song clear throughout the process?

I wrote the first version of Angel’s Wings two years ago on ukulele  It had an extra verse and an extra chorus, and the melody for the verses was different. I left it for awhile and then rewrote it six months later, and I immediately knew it had to be released somehow. I sent it over to my producer, Jake Ward, and basically said “do what you want with it as long as it has this vibe, send it to me, and I’ll tell you what I think.” He killed it on the first try. It wasn’t originally on the EP, actually. It was added at the very last minute.

“Angels Wings” is an incredibly catchy song! What made you drawn towards the electro-pop genre?

Thank you! Well, I started listening to more Halsey, Tove Lo, Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die,” Robyn, and I was super drawn to it. It made me want to dance and sing my heart out. I had been going by my actual name for seven years and had been doing pop rock, and it just wasn’t inspiring me or making me happy anymore. So I decided to switch to what was really making me happy, and it’s been incredible. I love this genre so much.

If you could reproduce version of “Angels Wings” featuring one artist who would it be?

Oh man. Halsey. For sure. I think her vocals would fit perfectly. She’s been a HUGE inspiration to me.

Are you planning on releasing more music this year?

Yes! I’m releasing music videos for the final two songs on the EP first. But I’ve got a LOT of new music coming out this year. I have about 10 songs backlogged, and I am so ready to get it out there and hear what people think! I’m proud of this work. I’m in a really good place right now, doing my best to take over the world.


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