Take a Bite Out of Sebastian Clarin’s New Single, “Teeth (Cyanides)”

Mysterious pop crooner and singer-songwriter Sebastian Clarin lets us sink our "Teeth (Cyanides)" into his sophomore single from his upcoming debut album, Aerial Cuts.

Sebastian Clarin is a solo recording artist with a low-key, mysterious vibe reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave. His music delivers bright and grandiose synth melodies with dance beats, merging the sounds of Depeche Mode with the nerve and alternative feel of Arcade Fire.

Now, Sebastian Clarin invites you to chomp through his recent cinematic and euphoric single, "Teeth (Cyanides)." After one listen, we could tell this song sets the tone for this summer's strongest synthpop anthem. It's a thrilling and chorus-strong piece that has our toes tapping and hearts pounding.

The new single, "Teeth (Cyanides)," vibrantly opens with driving mid-tempo drum beats, plucky synths, and airy background pads alongside Sebastian Clarin's breathy, crooning vocals. His mysterious tones and natural allure are irresistible, and paired with the dreamy and beaming synthpop production is a match made in heaven.

There's a glimmering and brilliant sensation on the hook that feels like the wave of euphoria we get after reaching the peak of a mountain. However, Clarin sings rather personal lyrics like "Should I leave or beat the hell out of myself," emphasizing our complex thought processes with a dash of darkness.

The song gradually expands into this vast and atmospheric space with all the melodic effects, synths, and pads you could ever dream of. It's a refreshing, exuberant listening experience, to say the least.

Feast your ears on the exhilarating and vibrant sounds of Sebastian Clarin's recent single, "Teeth (Cyanides)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sebastian Clarin. We're impressed with the mysterious yet uplifting atmosphere you've created with "Teeth (Cyanides)." What inspired you to create this eclectic song?

Thank you so much for the kind introduction! The song is actually about gender fluidity and incurable disease but also about love and domination. An eclectic lyrical mix indeed. But despite the dark theme, I wanted the narrator of the song to be dancing to a pulsating and bittersweet synth wave-driven beat. So musically, the song is somewhat uplifting and catchy, but there's an ominous shadow hanging over the song. Sadly some parts are inspired by the tragic life of a close friend of mine, but as always, you mix and match from different parts of your life and others.

Did you produce the single "Teeth (Cyanides)" by yourself? Or did you collaborate with other producers to help bring the song to life?

Both" Teeth (Cyanides)" and the rest of the songs on the forthcoming album are produced by the dance music profile and former techno producer Henrik B. It has been an interesting collaboration, and we've had very different musical references and perspectives but have united in the love of David Bowie's ambient masterpiece" Low" and Radiohead's electronic left turn" Kid A."

What vibe or feel did you want to give the production in "Teeth (Cyanides)?" How did you want the sonics to make listeners feel?

I want the listeners to feel both melancholic and euphoric at the same time. So that emotional contrast is what I've tried to capture also in the production. Some kind of ambiguous feel with the uplifting harmonies in bright contrast to the haunting vibe in the background melodies and the lyrics. A sonic contrast is also to be heard between the more low-key verse and the ecstatic and elevated chorus. The vocal appearance had to be raw and sincere to deliver the prophetic lyrics. Slow and dark in the verse and more energetic in the chorus.

If listeners could take anything away from your mysterious lyrical content in "Teeth (Cyanides)," what would you want that to be?

I spent a lot of time writing the lyrics – every single word must have a reason to be – and therefore, I see them almost as poems that should be read and interpreted as a whole. Pretentious, yes, but true. So it's quite hard to choose a specific part from the song, but in the end, I want the listener to be left with that ambiguous feel. A contrast between the evocative and different perspectives of the song. Dark meets light. Destructiveness meets euphoria. Sex meets self-hatred.

What's next for you?

More music is coming up! Next is the release of my third single, "High Blood Treasure," hitting the audience in early September, and then my debut album" Aerial Cuts" finally will be released in October. I look forward to the album release since I see myself primarily as an album artist. The album contains many different sonically and lyrical themes. But I must admit that the overall concept is quite dark. Hard times have affected the music. But in times of crisis, the level of creativity increases. I had to write myself out of anxiety.