Take a Deep Breath of Confidence With Koncept’s Hit “Sheeesh”

Grammy-nominated artist Koncept drops his flaming hot track "Sheeesh" off his recent album 'Champagne Konny.' Koncept has had his fair share of musical experiences, performing alongside staple rappers like Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, etc. After gaining much attention internationally, Koncept began putting out more music in hopes of intriguing more listeners. With his recent track "Sheeesh," Koncept brings forward confident bars that explain that when he's at his best, it's hard to look away. While hitting us with a pulsing and rhythmic synth that acts as the main beat, Koncept effortlessly adds his detailed imagery to take us on an adventure.

Kicking off with that same enticing synth, "Sheeesh" starts with a beat that makes you say precisely that. Adding in bars that describe Koncept's musical journey and how he's evolved into a force to be reckoned with, he raps with incredible poise and radiates confidence. The beat keeps us moving with a catchy melody through the main synth and layered drum breaks that kick into our guts. He provides untouchable imagery in which he remains unaffected by society's negative influences and stands firm with his own goals instead of getting lost in everyone else's. Genuinely providing a track that speaks many underlying messages, Koncept's "Sheeesh" brings out the best of himself.

Be sure to check out "Sheeesh" here.

Hey Koncept, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving your self-assured tone within your t