Take a Heavy-Hitting Dose of "Hayne," With Left Of The Slash

Left Of The Slash is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Created by band member Stephen Reid Nemeroff in his hometown of NYC in 2005, the band's melodies are inspired by a range of sub-genres including psychedelic rock, blues, indie rock, punk, and grunge.

The amplified immersion of their highly anticipated single, “Hayne" takes listeners down a raw path of fully charged realism as we delve into the high impact of this song. Through chugging guitar riffs that propel a sense of urgency into the musical foundation at hand, the tempo is met by the fulfilling essence of a copiously bursting soundscape that is chalked full of rhythm, edge, and smoldering timbres. You can hear how Left Of The Slash is inspired by the musical geniuses to come before them, all while maintaining a fortified uniqueness that runs rampant in their creations.

Bringing life to the ignorance is bliss theme while playing into an experience that had Stephen Reid Nemeroff genuinely jealous of his dog’s innocence in not having to assert oneself in worldly problems, this is where “Hayne” was born. You wouldn’t think upon first listen that this is what’s reflected by the lyrical motifs before you, however, Left Of The Slash is really just that good at packaging their realities into something profound and familiar for their listeners to latch onto.

Combining their wit with a brilliant surge of animation, Left Of The Slash proves to us just how intricate they can get with molding the minds of their fan base into seeing the reality life provides.

Congratulations on the release of “Hayne.” We love the energy that you pour into this composition. With such an intricate soundscape that surfaces in top-tier production quality, how long did it take for you to create and release this track?

Thank you that means a lot. I wrote “Hayne” start to finish around 2005 and about 15 years later it finally made its way into the studio last year. Aviv Cohen (drums) and Julia Lage (bass and backing vocals) really complimented the missing pieces here well. Overall, we are really happy with how this one came out and how it’s a little different than any song on the album.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from this track in terms of emotions felt, and themes grasped?

“Hayne” was loosely based on the idea that dogs live their life insulated from the rest of the world’s issues. I came up with the idea back in 2007 when the financial crisis first started. I quickly realized that my dog at the time Coco had literally no idea what was going on. It’s silly to say but I was legitimately jealous of my dog. "Hayne" essentially represents the carefree innocence all animals have, that humans so easily take for granted. As the lyrics say – “Ignorance is bliss, senseless never missed.”

Could you please take us into your creative process and how it stays similar or changes through each new creation?

Sure, it’s a very informal process (if you would even call it that). Most times I’ll either hear a melody or riff in my head. From there I usually pick up the guitar to start developing either the riff or the melody with whatever comes to mind first. Sometimes I am writing lyrics that rhyme but unsure of what the riff will be and sometimes it’s the other way around. I like that there really is no formula, rather whatever comes to me at the time I run with if I think it sounds interesting enough.

With your debut LP set to be released later this year, how does “Hayne,” give us a taste for what’s to come?

I think this one shows some more classic and indie rock influences versus some of the other ones that come off more grungy. I spent a lot of time working on the order of the songs on “WON” to give listeners a unique listening experience where nothing feels too similar. Throughout the album, you can hear undertones of the various genres that have shaped Left Of The Slash. Too many to name…

What has been your personal favorite release of 2021?

I would say “Feel Me” or “Call On”. I think all 6 singles have been really different and came out great so I’m probably the wrong person to ask. I’m too close to the music. I’m personally more interested in hearing what everyone else thinks.