Take a Nostalgic Trip With BILETSKA's Latest Single, "Fallen"

Nostalgia never sounded so sweet with BILETSKA's recent electro-pop single, "Fallen."

Infusing electronic basslines with the vibrancy of pop music, not to mention a flair of 70s disco and 90s club pop, BILETSKA's recent single is full of life, confidence, and a sound message. 

She mentioned that "Fallen" surrounds the themes of yearning to cry on a friend's shoulder, yet realizing that when there isn't much loyalty around, empowerment resurfaces once taking time to reflect by oneself. With gripping basslines and a hi-fi electro-pop atmosphere, BILETSKA and her fiery vocals stand firm in her inner-power and deliver an authoritative unbothered demeanor. 

"Fallen" opens with BILETSKA's sweet acapella vocals layered and delivering a melodic masterpiece. Once a deep drum kick appears, there's no turning back as BILETSKA sets sail into her element. Singing a tale of overcoming childish high school issues and the countless rumors she's encountered, BILETSKA gives this intriguing Madonna-Esque delivery while crashing the track with this overall sense of empowerment. 

The electronic production and pop influence give the song this nostalgic edge while BILETSKA soars over in an incredibly modern and fresh manner. The electrifying hook takes the listener on a bright yet introspective adventure through realizations of unhealthy relationships, romantic or platonic. 

We love the natural empowerment that BILETSKA delivers with "Fallen," and it goes without saying that any listener can get down with her sound, vibe, and knowledgeable message. 

Hello BILETSKA and welcome to BuzzMusic. When did you realize that you needed to create a song that speaks on empowerment and overcoming issues with "Fallen?”

I've witnessed kids and teenagers mistreating each other, and I’ve felt powerless to do anything about it. I hate when things seem unfair and I’m ready to fight/stand my ground even if it’s against everyone. You can't change other people, but you can change yourself and be sympathetic to others going through hard times and be a friend when they need you. One day you may also need a friend. This topic inspired me to write Fallen. Also, I do believe in karma and that you get what you deserve. 

How did you craft the instrumentals to deliver the same empowering feeling that the lyrics give on "Falle?"

I think that the song's dynamic, along with the vocal delivery, plays a crucial role in the empowerment of it. My producers @handmade_nashville and I were on the same page, so it didn't take long to create the right instrumental that sounded inspiring and complemented vocals. 

Seeing as "Fallen" is your debut single, how did you want listeners to perceive you and your music? Why did you choose this track to lead the way of your career?

I chose this song because it was stuck in my head for so long, I needed to get it out there. I didn't think this one would be the first single because I have many other songs that I love, but I guess this intuitively needed to get out first. I want listeners to perceive me as a strong independent woman who isn't afraid to speak up for herself and what she cares about. 

Since you're still somewhat new to the industry, what can you tell our readers about who you are, your brand, and what your music stands for?

I'm just a simple girl who loves to do what she's passionate about. I don't have a particular brand yet, I'm still figuring it all out. When I'm on stage, I discover the most about the music and myself. Currently, my style is pop/electronic. I also love glam rock, which I know I'll add to the mix later on. Right now, I'm experimenting. The more you hear, the more you will discover

What's next for you?

I'm planning on releasing a second single in a month or two after Fallen. I'd love to do a music video as well. But first I need to figure out which song I'll pick for that. Then I plan to record, 5-6 more tracks and put a band together to go on tour. Hopefully, by that time, things will be better with the coronavirus and all the restrictions