Take a Risk With Jane N' The Jungle's Latest Hit, "Lucky 7"

The Phoenix trio Jane N' The Jungle returns with their fiery optimistic single, "Lucky 7."

We've become quite familiar with Jane N' The Jungle's sound over their past releases, from Jordan White's groundbreaking vocals with a spicy female flair to Brian Dellis tearing up his guitar and Big B's pulsing bass.

Their latest single, "Lucky 7," stems from a fond memory of performing at Longhorn Casino in East Vegas, and Jane N' The Jungle exudes this free-spirited vibe that intrigues any listener to take a risk from time to time. Produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer Chuck Alkazian, the track's tight and blazing instrumentals seep out our speakers and ooze with excitement.

"Lucky 7" begins with distant electric guitar setting a moody and sharp tone early on in the track. Within the first verse, Jordan White's powerhouse vocals with mild filters heat up the expansive atmosphere with a naturally alluring appeal.

The quickly-paced drums bring this highly energetic quality to the track perfectly met with Brian Dellis' whaling electric guitar jumping back and forth from major to minor, not to mention Big B's thrilling bassline that tugs the track through Nevada's desert. The song's hook is definitely the high point, as the energy and climactic sensation pour down from Jane N' The Jungle's tight instrumentals and Jordan White's piercing vocals.

Time and time again, the trio manages to captivate listeners into their exhilarating and gritty sound, especially through the scorching single "Lucky 7," Jane N' The Jungle powers through with limitless energy for us to bask in the fearless and blazing atmosphere.

We're deeply captivated by your thunderous sound within "Lucky 7." Could you take us back to what inspired the song that evening in East Vegas?

Thank you!! We were playing at the Rock N Roll Marathon last year in Vegas and booked a room in East Vegas for the night before.  We didn't know that part of town and it felt like it was from a different time, almost like a weird dream.  We had an unexpected experience at the Longhorn Casino where they have loose playing rules and ridiculously cheap food.  It surprised us that we were having such a great time there with unspoken energy in the air.  "Lucky 7" embodies the carefree spirit and people we met that night.  Regarding the powerful lyricism within "Lucky 7," did you have a particular message or concept that you wanted to get across to listeners?

We wanted "Lucky 7" to embody a vibe that felt lucky, felt good, felt kinda unusual.  Oftentimes as musicians it feels like our careers are just a bet, or you just happen to get lucky.... the 7 comes from the number of years Brian and I started writing together.  We hoped by creating a fun-spirited song about luck would perhaps help our music careers move forward.  It seems like we are all craving a little bit of luck these days.

You've mentioned that "Lucky 7" is a free-spirited single from lyrics to instrumentals. How did you craft your instrumentals to reflect this free-spirited and individualistic vibe?

When the guys were jamming out the riff, I heard this slinky James Bond mysterious vibe that I immediately felt myself standing at the Longhorn Casino.  We laughed and all agreed it took us back to the energy of that night, and that's how it came to be. 

We've noticed that you frequently have your songs produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer Chuck Alkazian. After many singles, is there established chemistry with Chuck that helps your music flourish the way you intended?

We first got to work with Chuck in February of this year!  We felt "Lucky" we were able to record "Animal" and "Lucky 7" both before 2020 shut down.  It was definitely one of the highlights of our 2020.  We had a great time working with Chuck and staying together as a band in Chelsea, Michigan.  We all have a special musical connection where the songs flourished while working on them in the studio.  "Animal" was actually first titled "New Mexico" and "Lucky 7" was given a bit of Nirvana flare.  There was lots of laughing, lots of salad, so much so Chuck says our band smells like onions!  He kept asking where the onion smell was coming from and that we were ruining his studio, so as a joke we hid a little piece of onion under his studio table... LOL!    We hope we can record with Chuck again soon! What has been keeping you all inspired in 2020?

We feel lucky that we have been able to lean on each other during these times and stick with the basics of why we like creating music.  We have been jamming together often and doing live streams while having no pressure, just going with the flow.  We have many new songs we are working on and find it cool things still feel fun and fresh.  We will eat Mexican pizzas and skinny margaritas at band practice and it reminds us of the simple good times and we forget about the pandemic.