Take A Trip To The Dark And Eclectic Energy Of Vatomico’s, “Green Floyd”

Based in Los Angeles, California, Vatomico is a band that can slip you into the ease of relaxation as you keep your feet tapping to the beat of their infectious grooves. Embellished by graceful jazzy notes of a skilled piano and a hypnotic saxophone, Vatomico will get you moving with their funk, mambo, and jazz sounds.

Allowing us to grasp onto the hyper-realistic elements of the production, Vatomico’s latest single, “Green Floyd,” was born from the idea that we should consider our inner self as part of our environment. The unity and crisp formation that “Green Floyd” offers are mesmerizing as we plunge into the eclectic and amplified essence deep in the fragments of this track.

The psychedelic pieces take us back to the notable bassline you may remember from rockers, Pink Floyd. The continuous build-up introduces to us a hypnotic feeling that offers a curiosity that propels us forward through this expansive collection of work. “Green Floyd” captures an array of sonic components and brings them to life in a futuristic manner.

While Vatomico is pulling from the past, this crafts an innovative quintessence leaving us mindblown. Listen to Vatomico’s single “Green Floyd” today and take it in yourself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vatomico, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Green Floyd." With such a brilliant concept pulling us into your refreshing sound, what moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

"Green Floyd" was born from the idea that we should consider our inner self as part of our environment. Everything started by looking for a beat that would be reminiscent of a psychedelic feel to represent our inner self. Then, the idea of "sampling" a very recognizable bass line from Pink Floyd came along, but instead, an original bass line was recorded. The next section of the song, the "chorus," is the connection of our inner self with the outside world.

Often, when a piece is instrumental, the artist intends for the message received to be up for interpretation. What does "Green Floyd" mean to you, and what would you like listeners to grasp from it?

"Green Floyd" was born from the idea that we should consider our inner self as part of our environment. We oftentimes tend to look at the environment as something separated from us, but if we look inside (mind, consciousness, spirituality, health, etc.) and that we can understand, control, and connect with that inner self, we, in turn, will be able to connect with the outside world better.

Formed in 2017, what have you noticed about your growth as a band?

The band has gone from a small garage/personal project to an established proponent of a new era of music.

Where can we expect your sound to go from here? Is there any envelope you won't push?

Vatomico is considering the possibility of expanding its sound to a more organic sound by adding live drums to the set. However, this possible evolution must be marked by the style and production of the new material. Also, the addition of a guitarist to be able to expand the sonic possibilities is something that can happen.

What's next for you?

Recording more music, possible presentations at a couple of Jazz Festivals, and touring outside the U.S.