Take A Visual Vacation To “Aruba,” With Done Wright’s New Music Video

From the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York, songwriter, rapper, producer, and multi-talented musician Done Wright takes an indulgent trip to "Aruba" in his luxurious new single and music video.

Known for being a class act over his past ten years in the music industry, Done Wright was heavily influenced by icons like Nas and Mobb Deep. He can easily connect with any listener through relatable and striking lyricism that covers street life, the come-up, relationships, and fatherhood. And of course, extravagant vacations to "Aruba."

In this hot new single, Done Wright serves up a platter of good vibes that take us out to the lush Caribbean island. With tropical, bouncy beats and his easy-going flow, Done Wright tells listeners what hard work and hustle can get you. More specifically, he shows them in the music video for "Aruba."

The music video takes place in Chateau Le-Bona, where we see Done Wright in his room wiping his face with some cash. As we take a brief tour of the retro-luxe, chic suite he's staying in, Done Wright introduces us to the beautiful ladies on his side, soaking up the opulence he's happy to share.

This feel-good and vibe-heavy music video is all about good times, picturesque vacations, and receiving well-deserved time off from hard work. The song's groovy and tropical production helps maintain that theme, all while Done Wright blesses us with his conceptual bars about experiencing the finer thing's in life after putting in blood, sweat, and tears.

When you're ready to log off, log in to the tropical and relaxing vibes of Done Wright's new single and music video, "Aruba." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Done Wright. We're ready to hit the next flight to "Aruba" after watching your new music video. What inspired you to write the song itself and create this feel-good, luxurious experience?

During the pandemic, I learned how to use MPC studio, Black. I created the production for “Aruba” in about 20 minutes. Subconsciously maybe not being able to go anywhere during the pandemic might’ve made me want to travel somewhere. I wanted to take the listener on a journey because, during the time of Covid, it was almost like being on pins and needles trying to take flight.

What was your vision for the "Aruba" music video? What sort of scene or atmosphere did you want to provide with the visuals?

My vision for the video was to have an elegant atmosphere that would make the viewer feel good when they watched it. I wanted to make sure everything looked different from other music videos. I also wanted to make the viewer feel like that time watching the “Aruba” video, they’ve been on a journey.

What was your experience working with directors from Escobar Entertainment for the "Aruba" music video? What was that collaboration like?

My experience of working with Escobar Entertainment was great. The vision that I had for the video definitely brought it to life and help add some ideas as well. He made sure we executed all the ideas that I had in mind.

Did you create "Aruba" with the hope that listeners could feel inspired to get to work in order to reap the rewards? What was your goal with this single?

My goal with this single was to create the best vibe that you ever felt in a long time from a song. Also, I wanted to create something that the world would always remember and cherish as one of their favorite songs.

What's next for you?

Be sure to look out for my new album that was released a few days ago, titled Supply Work, Demand Respect 14 (Wizard Of Bars). Everyone is saying it’s a masterpiece. Also, look for future collaborations from me and some major artists, shows, new merchandise, and much more. Thank you for having me!