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Take In The Expressions Of Love With Sol Romero’s Radiant Single, “Te Quiero Asi”

Born in Mexico City and of Mexican and Swiss descent, Sol Romero is an actress and international recording artist. She began singing at 13 and had her first brush with the entertainment industry when she fortuitously found her way onto the set of the Robert Rodriguez film, Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Sol Romero became an instant sensation in Switzerland when she released her hit single "Turn It Up" in 2015, followed immediately by the release of "Money Makes the World Go Round," featuring renowned Moroccan-American rapper French Montana.

Sol Romero is vividly radiant in her latest single release, "Te Quiero Asi," - where she joins forces with renowned producer Humbert Gatica, best known for his work with Celine Dion, Chicago, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé. Constructing a passion-fueled atmosphere that dances in a liberating light of desire, the romantic essence of "Te Quiero Asi" is breathtaking.

Originally written by Juan Carlos Calderón, we're treated to a poignant vocal performance with Sol Romero sharing the spotlight with the talented Pablo Montero. A profound energy pours from this record as the two adoringly profess nuances of love in its purest form. This power ballad emphasizes the romance in the Spanish language as it ignites a grand and passionate dynamism.

With the song's theme touching on loving someone for the way they are, this duo excels at bringing this concept to life. Between each harmony, the force of the duality is expressed in a rather uncanny manner, and you can't help but breathe it in.

"Te Quiero Asi" has you feeling the life within yourself being brought to the forefront as you bask in the sparkle of this record. Shedding warmth and sincerity, Sol Romero drives a brilliant effervescence home.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sol Romero. We adore this new release from you as it focuses on your extensive vocal range and the emotions you share with Pablo Montero. What was it like working with him and Humberto Gatica to bring this song to life?

It was so fun working with them both. To be honest, I’ve always dreamed of working with Humberto. He’s such an amazing producer. And in terms of Pablo Montero. I mean, it’s Pablo Montero! Need I say more? I was honored. It was a beautiful experience.

In your own words, what does "Te Quiero Asi" mean to you?

For me, it’s about having so much love for someone who’s hurt, someone who is obsessed, someone who can’t get enough, someone who is sad and insecure but at the same time excited and crazy. I think it’s about having one true love and not letting go no matter what. I guess that’s what it means to me.

Being a multifaceted individual, what differences do you find in the creative process between acting and music?

That’s tough. They’re very different. I feel that singing is more work than acting, in a way. With acting, I feel like you either have it or not. Of course, you could be an excellent singer but not quite as good of an actress, and vice versa. Also, with acting, you have a director who lets you know exactly what he wants. Whereas with singing, I think it’s something coming more from your heart and how you express your emotions. I don’t know. Maybe they’re both difficult in their own way [laughs].

How does "Te Quiero Asi" compare to other songs heard in your music catalog? Please shine a light on the creative process of creating this song.

This song really means a lot to me. I feel like it’s talking about my life in a way. You know, I love to love. And to feel love is everything, really, which makes letting go scary and difficult. Because what if it never came back? What if you never found love again? And maybe you’re not the one for that person, but maybe he is the right one for you. I think it can get complicated. Love is great when it’s great but can be rough when it’s not. It’s hard and sad and exciting all at the same time!

What's next for you?

Lots of music. I’m working on a lot of new songs this year!


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