Taking in a Humble Approach, UraelB Shows Us How to Appreciate Life

Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artist Urael B is one of those long time coming artists who have been working on perfecting his craft from a young age.

With each of his 30 past releases slowly growing more and more and evolving his sound, UraelB has that clear drive in wanting to make his dreams a reality. This was something that we could easily hear in his latest album ‘Demi God’. UraelB manages to perfectly create a storytelling picture within the music that will easily have you imagining.

At his core, UraelB is humble, thoughtful, and giving, with the closing track of his ‘Demi God’ album being all about restoring the balance and taking an appreciation for organic life, it is clear to tell what kind of personality UraelB has.

Coming soon UraelB has a short-film/visual album of ‘Demi God’ and we cannot wait to see how it compliments his music.

We loved your new album 'Demi God'. It carries on a cohesive vibe of mystique and prowess that carried forward on every song. Can you tell us a bit about the album and what the overall theme for the project was?

The album is a journey through my inner reality that I wanted to outwardly express through cinematic rapping and different creative angles. My goal with it was to explore my own subconscious mind and present my discoveries in a way that was enjoyable but still impactful. I appreciate those who’ve listened to it already and keep listening to it because there’s a lot to unravel. That’s definitely a reward to me for my hard work on this project. My short film coming soon for it will be even more impactful and creative leaving people in awe. 

On your song "Black Thor," there is a sense of dominance and territorial assertion you place on the track. How do you mentally prepare to deliver a charged performance like on "Black Thor?"

"Black Thor" is to let everybody know, past present and future, that nobody is messing with me. I’m a God with rap. I was performing this song before the album came out and I had to step into different zones before my shows. I would perform this in the mirror and big open spaces and envision hundreds of thousands of people screaming and chanting this with me. Not only is this a confidence booster for myself, but it’s for everyone to tap into that inner God they have. 

You mentioned your Independent Music Collective: Respect The Real LLC. (RTR) was founded in memory of your late grandmother. Did she have an impact on your music career? 

Yes, shout out to all the RTR family. My grandmother was right on time with her inspiration. I appreciated her loving and truthful spirit. She embraced every aspect of life; Good Or Bad. So that’s where respect the real comes from. I will always respect, promote, and produce real genuine content. It’s what’s lacking in society and very hard to come by. Everyone who works with me and who I work with is passionate about keeping it real so you can always expect that from RTR. 

We really felt a celebratory aspect on your closing track "God Body." How does it feel to have released "Demi God" to the public? 

God's Body signifies the restoring of balance. Organic and natural has returned. We all gotta celebrate that. All that manufactured shit is getting cut out; All the gimmicks and regression is over wit. The real is about to prevail. I’m stepping into my God Body, everyone else should too. 

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Be on the lookout for the "Demi God" visual album/short film, releasing Fall 2020. Crazy music from our other Talented Artists at Respect The Real: Isaiah Bowers, & Nomie! We’re about to take the music game by storm and bring the golden era back.