Talented Rapper From Montreal, Yung Delta, Drops New Track “Racks”

Yung Delta is a young, up and coming artist from Montreal, Canada. Striving to change the rap game in his city, Yung Delta delivers a refreshing blend of melodic sounds mixed with trap. His style and raw talent set him apart in the hip-hop industry today. Don’t sleep on Yung Delta! 

Out now, Yung Delta dropped “Racks” and we’re blasting it on repeat! The hard-hitting intro has “Racks” off to an alluring start, when that beat drops and Yung Delta starts spitting bars we’re blown away. His verses are polished beyond his years and his flow is incomparable. Yung Delta has been fine tuning his craft for many years and the melody throughout “Yung Delta” highlights his undeniable talent. His lyricism and hard hitting one liners are evidence of his creative mind. Rap icon and fan favorite, Yung Delta knows exactly what his listeners want to hear. “Racks” is a dope track that anyone can rock to and spreads a positive and confident vibe. His melancholic approach to his performance is what sets him apart in today’s music industry. Putting himself on the map in a big way and authentic to the core, Yung Delta is a name to be remembered. With so much success and experience already, we can’t wait to see where Yung Delta goes!

Check out “Racks” here and read more with Yung Delta below!

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