Tall Kingdom Serves Us Their Haunting Electro Hit, “Stott” From Their New EP 'Amber'

Hailing from Leeds, UK, Electronic/Alternative 4-piece Tall Kingdom releases their leading sensuous hit “Stott” off their recent EP 'Amber'. Beginning as a duo between Stuart Thomas and Richard Meller, after years of releasing their own individual music they decided to expand into something more creative with Tall Kingdom. With the addition of 2 members to emphasizes their live performance and overall sound, Tall Kingdom provides ear-pleasing instrumentals that reach the soul. Their latest hit “Stott” serves nothing but euphoria. Through intense production and soaring synths, “Stott” raises the bar for soulful electronic music and adds incredibly inventive layers.

As Tall Kingdom hits us with their soaring single “Stott”, we’re left getting lost within the first thirty seconds through humming electric guitar chords and dark sultry imagery. This down-beat banger takes you on a dynamic journey from loud to delicate, all within 5 minutes of electronic ecstasy. Not to mention the track's physical instrumentation with melodic electric guitar to textured drum patterns, Tall Kingdom’s unique blend of electronic and physical instrumentals take their sound to new and explorative planes. While providing a nostalgic feel through striking guitars, “Stott” blends past and present elements letting their music speak to all audiences. “Stott” is a cerebral instrumental from top to bottom, and gives a detailed look at what Tall Kingdom is all about.

Listen to "Stott" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tall Kingdom! We’re thrilled to feature your latest deep instrumental titled “Stott”. Could you expand on Tall Kingdom’s creative process behind “Stott”, and how you went about laying down each instrument?

Hey guys, thanks for having us! Stott was a bit of a strange one, it initially began life as a drum machine heavy, almost techno-driven number but after some serious chopping and re-thinking it evolved into the piece it is today.  I think for some artists it's all about that initial few hours of creativity but for us the quality comes from time spent away from the track, gently tweaking over a month or so - Stott definitely followed that pattern. 

Instrument wise we tracked drums to tape at an amazing studio in Leeds, UK called Greenmount.  It's got an incredible array of microphones and outboard plus a stunning 24 track tape machine.  The rest of the instruments were recorded at our home studio and covers numerous pedals, amps, guitars, and outboard gear.

Your stunning song “Stott” incorporates an eclectic mix of physical instruments as well as electronic production elements. With regards to Tall Kingdom’s track “Stott”, how did you find the perfect medium between electroproduction and real-time instrumentation?

I think for us the blend between the two has always been something that we strived to get right.  All of us have major influences from both bands as well as electronic artists so it feels pretty natural to combine the two.  With regards to the drums, we actually programmed them all before recording so once we had them tracked we were able to remove lots of the electronic elements until a blend was found.  If anything, the electronic sounds re-enforce what we're trying to achieve organically.

As your group mostly releases instrumentals without lyrics, like your track “Stott”, how does Tall Kingdom go about providing imagery and a message for their listeners to grasp?

I suppose all of us have always listened to instrumental music whether that be post-rock or Dilla beats so working in this way feels pretty normal.  We've always said that a piece is never finished until it evokes some sort of emotional response from us all.  If this doesn't happen then the song is either not working melodically or needs drastic changes.  We've always found the music to be quite meditative so hopefully, the listeners feel the same.

We’ve heard that before Tall Kingdom was the 4-piece force it is today, both Stuart Thomas and Richard Miller released individual music with their own niches. Could you expand on some major musical inspirations for Tall Kingdom as a whole, and what genres impacted the group’s sound?

Yeah, so Stu used to and to an extent still releases Hip-Hop under the name Mountain Range whereas I was in a techno 2 piece called Will & Held.  I think these previous projects still influence the way we work whether that's pulling textural ideas from artists like Deepchord and Aphex to the beats and rhythms of classic Hip-Hop & electronica.  As previously mentioned, we both grew up on band music so progressive artists like Tool and Explosions In The Sky still remain a key influence.  On a more contemporary front we both love Darkside, Jordan Rakei, and The Cinematic Orchestra as well most releases on Warp so the palette is pretty broad to pull from.   

What can we expect to see from Tall King throughout 2020?

2020 was supposed to be the year of extensive performance but with Covid-19 happening, it's kind of changed most artists' plans.  We luckily were super busy writing last year so already have enough music for another 2 EP's, a couple of remixes plus a mixtape so there are lots to come.  Hopefully, we can get back out on stage soon and show what we've been up to!