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Tarah Who? Hit’s Us With "Fresh Meat Rockstars"

Tarah Who? is a band that knows how to convey a message through their music. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the band's lead singer, Tarah G. Carpenter, is the driving force behind their latest single, "Fresh Meat Rockstars," set to be released on March 31st, 2023. Along with Jason Orme on guitar, Tarah G. Carpenter provides vocals, guitar, backing vocals, bass, and drums on the track.

As a band, Tarah Who? has toured extensively recently, performing at various festivals and venues worldwide. Their latest single, "Fresh Meat Rockstars," explores the dynamics of the relationships between bands on tour. The song's message is unity and humility, reminding musicians that they all started somewhere and that nothing in the entertainment industry is permanent.

In the band's own words, "Fresh Meat Rockstars" is about the relationships between bands, especially when they are on tour. The single highlights the importance of learning from one another, regardless of age or experience. Tarah G. Carpenter's vocals and guitar skills perfectly complement the lyrics, delivered with an intensity that will resonate with listeners. Adding Jason Orme's guitar work provides a solid foundation for the song's message to be clear.

"Fresh Meat Rockstars" is a song that will capture the attention of anyone who has ever been a part of the music industry. The lyrics are powerful and honest, capturing the feeling of being on tour and encountering other bands with different experience levels or who may be at different career stages. The song encourages listeners to keep an open mind and to learn from one another rather than feeling threatened or superior.

Musically, "Fresh Meat Rockstars" is a high-energy track that showcases the raw talent of Tarah G. Carpenter and Jason Orme. The guitar riffs and drum beats are perfectly crafted to complement the powerful vocals and the song's message. The production quality is top-notch, thanks to the efforts of the band and Norm Block, who recorded and mixed the track.

"Fresh Meat Rockstars" is a standout track that showcases the talents of Tarah Who? and their ability to create music with a message. "Fresh Meat Rockstars" will resonate with anyone who has ever been a part of the music industry. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of humility, unity, and learning from one another.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tarah Who? Cheers to the good times on "Fresh Meat Rockstars" What inspired you to write "Fresh Meat Rockstars," and how did you develop the idea for the song's message? TGC: "Fresh Meat Rockstars: is about the relationship between bands we meet on the road. The best experiences are when you love the music AND get along with the people playing it! Maybe you can end up playing shows together, collaborating, or having a great time supporting each other when you end up in the same cities. Unfortunately, just like in any relationship, sometimes those feelings are not reciprocated, but I believe everything happens for a reason. You don't necessarily know it then, but it will reveal itself, and then you will think, "oh, that's why..." we met. When I wrote "Fresh Meat Rockstars," I had a specific experience in mind, but as I was on tour and met more and more musicians and people, I realized that it could be a lot of bands' stories. We all have started somewhere, at some point, and to someone, you are "Fresh Meat," and you have a lot more to learn. It could be a generation thing, where you are in your career, or anything... but the question is... do you vibe together? Are you made for this lifestyle?

Can you talk about the creative process behind the music video for "Fresh Meat Rockstars" and how you decided to use footage from your tour to showcase the song's message? TGC: I wanted to show the behind-the-scenes of being on tour. When people ask me, "how was the tour," or "tell us stories,"... I never know what to say. Going on tour is an experience. It is not for everyone. There is nothing glamorous about it, but we, the band members, get to know each other and go through a lot in such a short amount of time. When the tour is over, and you return home, it is always nice to return to your house, animals, family, BED, and what have you... but then, after a few days. You crave it again. We had some footage from our Berlin show, so I thought I would use that and add some footage of us being us. We are not Rock stars; we are just people who love playing music and support each other in doing it. What was it like working with Jason Orme on "Fresh Meat Rockstars," and how did his contributions enhance the track's overall sound? TGC: "Fresh Meat Rockstars" is the last song I wrote for the album. We had all the songs, and because I was going back to the studio to record "The Showdown" and a couple more songs, I thought I would sneak that into it. It's simple; it's catchy... why not? I sent the demos I had made in my little studio to Norm and Jason, and we met one weekend to record all those songs. My drummer had left the band, it was too short notice for me to find someone else, and I could not afford a session musician, so I recorded the drums. I am glad we worked it out, but it was sometimes a bit challenging to stay focused and keep my energy for the drums, guitars, vocals, and backing vocals! Lol! But we did it! On "Fresh Meat Rockstars," we used the bass I recorded from the demo version of the song, which somehow... worked! You have been vocal about staying humble and open to learning from others in the music industry. How has this mindset helped you grow as an artist, and how do you hope to inspire others with the message of "Fresh Meat Rockstars"? TGC: It goes back to our journeys, and perspectives are different. Between Ash (on bass), Christine (drums), Lesley (my wife and who helped us sell merch), and Laura (who joined us on a couple of shows on the guitar), we went on the same tour, travelled in the van, but we experienced it differently. So between different tours and bands, there is always so much to learn. How I hope to inspire other bands and musicians is to respect each other. We are the same. There's no Rock star bullshit. I heard once on tour, "respect is earned." I fully disagree with that statement. We start by all respecting each other, regardless of where we come from and how long we have been there. We all come from somewhere; we ALL have backstories and a reason why we are where we are here. And if anything, they don't know my background either and how long I have been working on my music, as a female musician, in a male-dominated industry, rock music. So how about we START by respecting each other just because we are all humans and don't judge a book by its cover?

What can fans expect from Tarah Who? in the future, and how do you see the band evolving musically and creatively? Will the message of "Fresh Meat Rockstars" continue to inspire your future work? TGC: The full-length album "The Collaboration Project" is coming out on April 28, 2023. I am excited about it. More dates will be announced real soon as other surprises. Yes, I think "Fresh Meat Rockstars" will continue to inspire my future work and sometimes help me keep my feet on the ground.


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