Team Player Sarah Christine Moves Mountains With Her Latest Single “Aspen”

Singer/songwriter Sarah Christine is back, and her passion for writing, looping, and composing is stronger than ever. With influences from pop, indie, folk and electronic, Sarah’s sound perfectly exemplifies unique compositions without getting lost in the mix. With Minneapolis roots, Sarah spread her wings and fled to Colorado where she now resides and takes inspiration for new music. Her hashtag ‘#InItTogether’, derives from her desire to work incredibly hard alongside her support system, staying as humble as possible for the sole reason being that she is forever grateful for all the help she’s received on her journey. Not just from her team, but from her fans as well.

“Aspen” opens with a peaceful piano intro, and jumps into a cheerful rhythmic pop beat ready for a drive through the mountains. Her unique vocal styling perfectly delivers her thoughtful and loving lyrics. The song also displays stunning imagery, as she sings about passion and perseverance while being surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. Throughout the song's transitions, Sarah’s background vocals bring a well-rounded structure that enhances her modest messages, all while the gentle instrumentation flawlessly complements her wholehearted approach to songwriting and lyricism. A perfect song to add to your road trip playlist.

You can stream the song here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sarah Christine! It’s a pleasure to speak with a humble yet hardworking artist such as yourself. Besides being in Aspen, where did you draw inspiration from for your single “Aspen"?

Thank you!  It’s always a pleasure interviewing with you all at BuzzMusic! I drew inspiration for Aspen from meeting my girlfriend Heather Hendricks.  We met in Denver, and on a mission to show me the ways of the beautiful community of her current home town, Aspen, Colorado, we ventured on many road trips and activities through the town.  It’s basically a song about how we met, how we came together, and how we explored a city we both now love dearly with one another.

Your entire brand represents teamwork and perseverance, which is very inspiring to younger artists trying to carve their own paths. Have you always attained the “We” mentality versus the “Me” mentality? What do you think helped keep you so down to earth?

Yes, I think it’s really important.  Music is hard.  Really hard.  But, I’ve always found that when we support each other and show up for one another and work as a team, it makes the path a lot more manageable.  My theme is #inittogether .  I’m so proud of especially a show we put together on May 8 in Portland, OR which is my “Pay It Forward” event to help support the community and build relationships with people in that city.  Basically we wanted to show our togetherness by putting on a show, on me (FREE) at Tendue.  Tickets are on Eventbrite for you to reserve a spot there if you’re interested in hanging out, May 8!

You’ve mentioned that your sound is a unique blend of pop, indie, folk and electronic. Would you ever experiment with other sounds, or do you think you’ve found what fits best for your messages?

Yes of course! I’m always looking to evolve and add to my portfolio of sounds and different ideas as to how to continue to grow in music.   I have 7 new singles coming out in 2020 thus far, and I am happy to report we experimented with new sounds and varieties.  I hope you love them all!   If you have any suggestions or ideas for new things for us to try, feel free to email me at or DM me on Instagram @sarahchristinemplsmusic – we always will respond!

We’ve heard that you were recently acknowledged as one of the most anticipated up and coming singer/songwriters with a tour reveal, congratulations! Could you speak a little more about your upcoming shows/tour?

Yes, of course!  My solo 2020 tour kicks off March 5 in Boulder, CO.  We named the tour #TheLetGoTour as so many of us to have a fear of letting go, or putting ourselves out there, or experimenting with the unknown, my hope was to be a vision for people that you can do this if you’re willing to put in the work and try, and fail, and make a million mistakes, but that ultimately you are in control, and we can do this TOGETHER!  We will be hitting the west coast leg through May and then hitting the Midwest starting in June!  A list of my shows can be found on my website at or on the link in my Instagram bio!   You can always email us as well to check in on tickets!

What can we expect to see from Sarah Christine throughout 2020?

You can expect our team to be an example of letting go, hitting the road, and putting out hopefully so many amazing positive vibes for everyone through my music.  I can’t thank you enough for the support! Oh – did we also tell you that we are trying out #vanlife?!  So stoked to be working with The Van Speed Shop and The Van Mart on the custom tour van.  Most of our tickets include a VIP level ticket to check out the van after the show including an after-party.  Fun stuff!  See you on the road!