Tezzy Gets Personal with Album Release, 'Accept My Apology'

Chicago, Illinois, has birthed yet another sweet-talking, truth-telling rapper called Tezzy.

Having lived in various areas of the city, the young artist has already had a lifetime of experience conquering adversity. Inspired by the likes of Tupac and J. Cole for their ability to share their authentic emotions through their verses, Tezzy prides himself on his ability to tell a story with his music. He has just come out with a soul-shaking album labeled 'Accept My Apology' that will make even the hardest of hearts turn soft.

'Accept My Apology' consists of twelve songs that include an “Intro” and an “Outro” that lack instrumentals. Both of these could be perceived to have deeper messages than appears. The “Intro” begins with a crowd of “boos” before Tezzy pops off with a freestyle to introduce himself to his fans. This gives the impression that he will continue on his path no matter what other people say or think. The “Outro” is very short and to the point; it’s a conversation between two close friends. He repeats “that’s my boy,” closing off the album with a representation of support.  

The next ten songs share a common theme; each track is layered over a remastered recording of an existing song. These songs range from old-school R&B to contemporary Pop, and effectively put a spotlight on the story Tezzy is telling with each track. “Back Down Memory Lane” is layered over Jazz club styled female vocals that continue throughout the song. The presence of a soulful serenade allows emphasis to be placed on Tezzy’s high energy trap production.

Tezzy combines more of a contemporary melody with “Place to Hide.” Making use of Tom Walker’s “Leave a Light On,” he brings attention to mental health issues.

Using Walker’s line “lately you’ve been searching for a darker place to hide,” Tezzy shares his own tragic experience of losing a loved one to substance abuse and suicide. The collaboration with “Leave a Light On” and Tezzy’s own intense verses is enough to erect the hairs on the back of your neck. “Place to Hide” stands out in the album for its gut-wrenching message.

“Carry On” and “Gonna Be Alright” stay true to the old-fashioned backtrack melodies. It is at this point in the album “Accept My Apology” that Tezzy truly gets into his past. He raps about shootings, people looking down on him, and overall challenges that he has faced throughout his life. Both of these tracks inspire the motivation necessary to “Carry On” and pursue your dreams without letting anyone or anything get in the way.

Tezzy takes another turn down a more romantic path with his next few songs “Oh Girl” and “Nice & Slow.” He utilizes his own remastered version of “Oh Girl” by the Chi-Lites to rap about one girl standing out from the rest of the crowd. Tezzy’s use of the phrase “I never thought about love before I knew you existed” is enough to make anyone’s heart melt instantly. “Nice & Slow” is more of a sensual track that focuses on the beauty of a women’s physical features.

Keeping his fans on their toes, Tezzy switches things up yet again with “Not Another Love Song” and “Outta My Head.” These tracks take us straight to Tezzy’s deeper feelings. Many of his verses are dedicated to the turmoil he and his loved ones have experienced while living in the hood. Refusing to let his past hold him back, Tezzy sheds a light on his forward-thinking mindset, and his willingness to work hard in order to shape his own future.

Tezzy saves the majority of the heat for his final two musical tracks “Dying to Live” and “Ocean Eyes.” As an ode to one of his main inspirations, he remasters Notorious BIG and Tupac’s song “Runnin’ Dying to Live.” In this track, Tezzy exposes himself by admitting that he can come across as insensitive.

To follow up, he reminds us “I do be trying, but my people they do be dying, put yourself in my shoes.” His message within “Dying to Live” is a Segway into the lyricism behind “Ocean Eyes.” Tezzy’s pairing a heavy trap beat to Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes” will have you shook. It will take you back to how natural a hard-hitting beat fits with the soothing vocal serenade. His poetic lyrics describe Tezzy’s lifelong journey in finding his purpose.

With its recurring theme of heat filled Hip-Hop layered over preexisting songs, 'Accept My Apology' flows seamlessly between each of its tracks. Tezzy’s choice in song showcases his musical versatility between various genres and appeals to music lovers of every kind.

Listen to Tezzy's 'Accept My Apology' here.


What was your inspiration when you were coming up with this album? What types of genres inspired you while writing?

My inspiration came from the flood of music that came when Corona hit. There were so many artists who during quarantine dropped track after track and even projects. It kind of made me think like “why aren’t you joining” it wasn’t like the music wasn’t ready it’s just I spend so much time chasing perfection I sike myself out of actually dropping the music.  It was old school and pop that inspired me while writing. Mainly those songs that told stories and made people feel emotions while listening. The songs you used for the intros and chorus’ of most of your tracks on your albums varied from genre to genre. It was one of the most appealing aspects of your album as it highlighted the story you were telling! How did you choose these specific songs?

I am a huge fan of music; I sit down and study music religiously. So, choosing songs was not much of a task. I had specific songs in mind and not only that I knew exactly what parts I wanted in my music, it became only a matter of crafting the actual beat. What is the meaning behind the naming of your album as 'Accept My Apology?'

The 'Accept My Apology' title stems from me not dropping an album in 2 years. If I could compare it to anything, this would be my version of Lil Wayne’s “Sorry 4 The Wait”. It’s an actual apology to those who listen to my music and had been waiting patiently. It’s also a promise to never take that long again dropping an album. Is there a main message that you are trying to get across through each track of 'Accept My Apology?'

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a message, but it’s definitely a story I’m trying to tell, my story. I just want to let people into my life and who I am a little bit at a time. Also, I want to make songs people can relate to and reflect on. I want to make music that gives people movie emotions, but in a short time frame of course. You know how if a movie is good enough, by the end of it you’re emotionally attached to characters so if the director and writers want you to be sad you feel sad if they want you to be happy you feel happy. That’s how I want my music to be, When I’m sad I want people to feel it the same as with other emotions I put in my songs. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The thing that has been keeping me inspired in 2020 is growth. People noticing my growth and telling me they notice my growth. As an artist, I never want to stagnate and not grow, so for people to tell me that they hear my progression song to song is definitely inspiring.