That Brunette, Teases Us With Latest Release "Coolest Girl" off Upcoming EP 'Millennium Fig'

The Brooklyn based Experimental Pop songwriter and performer who performs under the guise That Brunette, Madeline Mondrala is an airy, ethereal-pop visionary. She shines bright and penetrating through in her career of empyreal creations with shimmering textures and polished vocals.

With the release of her newest single "Coolest Girl," That Brunette announces her latest addition to a growing family of ornate pieces that perpetually translate from pen to playlist. "Coolest Girl" arrives with a sense of spectacle that could only be described as looking up from the rooftop and into the celestial midnight sky, reminiscing with real sentiment over cherished past experiences. Here, Formulated as a passionate letter to a long-term friend who has turned long-distance, feeling like an Indie-anthem of retrospection over two souls displaced across opposed ends of the country, following their dreams independently.

With the predominant weight carrier behind "Coolest Girl" being Mondrala's vocal performance, the lyrics never fail to merge into her brand of authenticity. "But, I'm here, hustling without you, no tears, thinking about you," she sings as a tangy steel-string guitars sweep and teeter closeby, "cause when all is said and done, we are both the lucky ones." She is expressing her gratitude in her experience of maturing into who she is alongside her friend, and it's that statement that envelopes us wholly with a warm embrace.

"Coolest Girl" manifests itself with a commanding vocal topline and a trendy sampling of synths over a steadfast low-end. And as we edge-on, this track provokes a tantalizing flirt with vulnerability—bursting with an electro-pop spirit that can only be produced when this Brooklyn songstress follows her artistic intuitions.

What's the storyline behind this particular friend you've highlighted in "Coolest Girl?" How long did this impacting friendship last before becoming cross-country, and are you still in contact today?

Coolest Girl is about one of my best friends from college. She’s a brilliant photographer so we’ve done lots of photoshoots together. We have a great creative bond. We also share a deep love for reality TV and Taylor Swift and pontificate on those topics regularly. We’ve spent many nights together galavanting, dancing, talking, and laughing over the past six years on the streets of NYC and Brooklyn. We still talk all the time!

Where do you find the inspiration to keep evolving and developing your artistic persona and tone? Is there some mantra or rituals you adhere to that mirror some of your success creatively?

I feel like I’m constantly peeling back layers of myself as an artist/person in order to get closer to my most authentic state. There are layers of ego, perception, expectation, performance that I try to dispose of as I become aware of them. I want my art to be unpretentious and true to who I am. In the past, I’ve tried to shape myself into what others have told me to be or what I thought would make me more successful. I’ve realized over the years that success starts from within. The better I get to know myself, the more my music will reflect my truth, and the more people will relate to it. I practice tarot regularly in order to connect with my spirit guides and uncover the hidden corners of my psyche. 

What's been the most fulfilling moment for you in 2020 as an artist? 

Being forced to slow down and take stock of how I’m spending my time on this planet has been really nourishing. I think for a lot of people quarantine was a wake-up call to discover what we truly want our lives to be. When I was hustling and working and pursuing music before the pandemic, it was very distracting. I felt rushed, like I was always just a little behind, and would never catch up. Now I feel like I’m in a more natural flow with my creativity. I’m not chasing anything. I’m moving at my own pace and it feels much nicer. 

How often do you find yourself reconnecting with some of your influences and inspirations in music? Do you find it helpful to remind you of your individual style and the milestones you have?

I love taking walks down memory lane. I’ll listen to Joni Mitchell, Avril Lavigne, Bjork, Lauryn Hill, the list goes on and on. I stay connected to the artists that have influenced me. I’m a very nostalgic person. The passage of time inspires me. When I listen to songs I loved when I was younger, they act as a gauge for me to measure how I’ve grown and changed as a person from then to now. It helps me to acknowledge my evolution. 

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I have lots of music waiting in the wings. My next two-song EP “Millennium Fig” drops on August 28th. I’m really excited to share it!