That Brunette, Teases Us With Latest Release "Coolest Girl" off Upcoming EP 'Millennium Fig'

The Brooklyn based Experimental Pop songwriter and performer who performs under the guise That Brunette, Madeline Mondrala is an airy, ethereal-pop visionary. She shines bright and penetrating through in her career of empyreal creations with shimmering textures and polished vocals.

With the release of her newest single "Coolest Girl," That Brunette announces her latest addition to a growing family of ornate pieces that perpetually translate from pen to playlist. "Coolest Girl" arrives with a sense of spectacle that could only be described as looking up from the rooftop and into the celestial midnight sky, reminiscing with real sentiment over cherished past experiences. Here, Formulated as a passionate letter to a long-term friend who has turned long-distance, feeling like an Indie-anthem of retrospection over two souls displaced across opposed ends of the country, following their dreams independently.

With the predominant weight carrier behind "Coolest Girl" being Mondrala's vocal performance, the lyrics never fail to merge into her brand of authenticity. "But, I'm here, hustling without you, no tears, thinking about you," she sings as a tangy steel-string guitars sweep and teeter closeby, "cause when all is said and done, we are both the lucky ones." She is expressing her gratitude in her experience of maturing into who she is alongside her friend, and it's that statement that envelopes us wholly with a warm embrace.

"Coolest Girl" manifests itself with a commanding vocal topline and a trendy sampling of synths over a steadfast low-end. And as we edge-on, this track provokes a tantalizing flirt with vulnerability—bursting with an electro-pop spirit that can only be produced when this Brooklyn songstress follows her artistic intuitions.