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The 2ill Collective Comes In Stomping With “Anaheim”

In their first official single, “Anaheim,” the members of the 2ill Collective introduce themselves and show the world that they will take it by storm and Hip-hop.

The 2ill Collective consists of talented people with many skills who came together to create music. They are musicians, producers, engineers, photographers, videographers, and media personnel from all over the United States that want to build a legacy relying on their community and authenticity.

In “Anaheim,” we can listen to the rap verses from the members Y.M.A., Antwon Az, Coties, Mishi, Lucid So Looney, Morgan Denoya, Gib, Nekiya Ade, and Tray Nova. “Anaheim” is like a musical ball game in which they pass it around so they can introduce themselves and show what they can do when their turn comes. And, in this game, every player is as important as the other.

The result is an explosion of talents coming together for the sake of Hip-hop. The track starts with an alarm that says something big is coming as each member starts rapping, showing that each has a different personality and style to add to the collective and the Hip-hop scene. It is incredible how each member changes the ambiance of “Anaheim” while maintaining one solid identity.

“Anaheim” closes with a ribbon when its members come together to proudly call the name of the collective, asserting that they have one objective and are going for it. A big shoutout to Jakob John and OitsGabe for the production and RobMixedIt and Antwon AZ for the mixing and mastering.

Join the 2ill Collective with your heart and ears by listening to “Anaheim.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic 2ill Collective, and congratulations on your latest release, "Anaheim." How has working together made you grow as an artist?

The experience has made the team open up and experiment with new sounds. Working together helps improve our workflow in the studio and pushes us to be decisive when creating. On the other hand, we learned how to be free during our time together. This means enjoying the creative process ultimately and having fun. Learning how to collaborate with others from different backgrounds proved to not be a challenge but instead an exciting new experience.

How did making “Anaheim” make you grow as a collective?

Making "Anaheim" brought everyone together on common ground, each adding our own spin to the music. The bond of creating together made us grow closer. With us all working on the same track, we had fun matching each other's energy & skills in our own ways. Recording and filming in a new location sparked creativity which pushed us to work in new and fascinating ways.

What image of 2ill do you want people to get after listening to “Anaheim?”

We want people to see the versatility and complexity of styles. This includes our different flows, rhythms, bars, deliveries, clothing styles, and overall personalities. We want them to get an image of a group of young, unique artists that share mutual respect and admiration for each other. Our story of a couple of strangers coming together as a family is another overarching message that we want people to internalize. Community is at the root of what we do and is the reason we can create amazing music together.

What did you feel when witnessing the final product of your cooperative work in “Anaheim?"

We witness that action, consistency, teamwork, and willpower can create amazing results. Understanding that chemistry, along with everyone being willing to do their shared amount of work, will eventually lead everyone toward the common goal. The reward of coming together to create a solid piece of work was inspiring to everyone in the collective and those who witnessed it. It shows us that there is no such thing as "can't," but there are multiple ways to achieve a goal.

What's next for you?

As a collective, we have released our single "Angles" and will be releasing new music monthly, along with artist interviews, magazines, merchandise, and other pieces of content. Individual members are also looking to release new content. Morgan Denoya will be releasing her latest single, "Red Notifications'', Antwon AZ will also be releasing new music along with his NTFB team, Coties is working on a new EP, and Jakob John is expanding his Soul Shakedown Studio with a collaborative album releasing next year. Tray Nova plans on expanding the 2ill business while releasing new music and performing in cities such as NYC, LA, Chicago, and more. There is much more to come from the 2ill Collective. Visit our website to keep up with the movement.


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