The 6ix Female Cypher, Round 14.0 By Maze Entertainment Was One For The Books

Maze Entertainment Inc. presents one of the most innovative and badass ciphers of all time. The 6ix Female Cypher Round comprises eight up-and-coming and talented female rappers emerging from the shadows into the modern music industry.

Maze Entertainment Inc.'s 6ix Female Cypher Round is a Toronto-based entertainment series that showcases female rappers, producers, and entrepreneurs from Canada. Within The 6ix Female Cypher Round, the rappers all deliver their unique flow and attention-commanding performances in the most intriguing party-like setting that keeps our attention hooked.

The cipher was broken up into two parts, and part one perfectly locked in our attention with the utmost energy while part two closed the show with nothing but poise, perfectly representing the future of women in hip-hop. During both parts, we hear names like MaizyF, TPrettyLean, Amber, Haf, Shanny Glow, LD, Nisa Hott, and CC give it their all and show us what they're made of.

Maze Entertainment Inc. encourages you to be a part of their movement, which you can learn more about on their website. If you or someone you know hails from Canada and is an up-and-coming female rapper, producer, or entrepreneur, don't be afraid to #StepIntoTheMaze.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Maze Entertainment Inc. We're delighted to chat with you about the latest 6ix Female Cypher Round. What inspired your company to create such an innovative and powerful series like this in the first place?

Our city had a gap that needed to be filled. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, I just decided to start a movement that I was passionate about. Women In HipHop are usually put against each other, and the mainstream media is extremely selective in who they deem "talented". I wanted to create a space for all women to feel welcome to show their skills, network, and grow as artists/producers.

Could you run us through how an artist scores a feature in one of your cypher series'? What is that process like?

Anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary is welcome to sign up for this cypher series. All an artist has to do is sign up via our website. The process includes our team reviewing the artist's submission, music, social media, etc. Upon confirmation, the artist is contacted and provided further instructions along with the beat for the cypher round.

What is Maze Entertainment's core mission? How do your 6ix Female Cypher Rounds make that mission come to life?

We at The Maze Entertainment Inc., have a mission to provide a safe space for women in hip-hop to express themselves, grow, and network. We offer a plethora of services in the entertainment and music industry and strive to professionally deliver engaging entertainment for our community.

Does your company help set up opportunities for the successful and popular artists that work with you? Or do you solely create entertainment series' that promote said artists?

Our company not only creates entertainment series', but we also offer mentorship, booking services, and amazing networking opportunities. We work diligently behind the scenes to get interviews set up, promotion, and other gigs for the participants of our cypher series.

What's next?

Look out for more amazing Cypher rounds, new production from local producers, special guest features, pop-up shops, and our Black History Month Event to celebrate Women In HipHop! New music from the Owner of The Maze Entertainment Inc., MaizyF, is also coming soon! There's always something HOT going on... #StepIntoTheMaze and stay updated on all our new projects.