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The Ascent Of Stoopid Swagg Og’s Single, “Don’t Blame Me”

Stoopid Swagg OG (Okye Glaze) was born and raised around the raw and soulful music of Memphis, Tennessee, and now resides in California.

His music journey began during the 2009 mixtape era and has evolved into his current style and flow. Having joined forces with esteemed artists such as Bricksquad and Starlight PR, Stoopid Swagg OG demonstrates a commitment to narrating his personal experiences and hardships through the universal language of music. His 2021 single, "Don’t Blame Me," has been steadily ascending in popularity, which is hardly surprising given OG’s compelling lyrics and flow.

"Don't Blame Me" showcases his best work; its laid-back, hypnotic beat and signature gritty vocals create an effortless, dynamic sound. Its warm melodies are complemented by a low, muffled bass and hypnotic hats, creating a captivating auditory experience.

The lyrics share an unabashedly raw narrative, looking into Stoopid Swagg OG's world - a celebration of lust, desire, and passion. In the lyric, "I could change your life, baby just in one night, ain’t got to think twice you tryna be my girl," he promises to provide a thrilling, life-changing encounter. It reflects OG's confidence and fits well with the carefree aura of "Don’t Blame Me."

This track invites listeners to indulge in their fantasies and unapologetically embrace intimacy. Stoopid Swagg OG’s authentic sound is undeniable; ultimately, his music speaks for itself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stoopid Swagg OG, and congratulations on your latest release, "Don't blame me." What’s the story behind your artist moniker, Stoopid Swagg OG?

The story behind Stoopid goes back to young Okye Glaze when I first started rapping. My initials are Okye Glaze, so I ain’t have to come up with a rap name, you feel me, but as I got older, I realized I couldn’t be called young anymore, so from growing up Memphis, my folk (Mane Lil Ant, Crazy Chris, and Mac 6) mane learning the game, learning to be a playa and I I always dressed fly you feel me. A hustler gotta look like a hustler, right? So I keep my swag up to par. It was standard. I grew up during the 3/6 mafia, Cash Money, Playa Fly, and old Do Or Die music era, so Pat and Juvenile were my influences. So after you add all that up, it equals StoopidSwagg Okye Glaze. Don’t blame my partner in Omaha. Shout out to Jason Jones for the beat, and I had some other stuff written to it, but frfr I wasn’t feeling what I had because of the beat mane. I listened to the beat 1000 times, and then boom, I’m listening to it one day, and I’m like, I'm going to make this my first song for the women. Like my trap Your single, "Don't Blame Me," has continuously gained traction. What was your process when creating this track? Did you start with the lyrics or the beat?

Rap music is frfr real talk, but man, that rnb rap side though we go there, you feel me my homeboy told me while we were doing a song with Jason as he making the beat bro told me, okay what your perfect woman? And bro was like, be creative you feel me like all the way race looks style I mean from her eyes to the perfumes she wears you feel me so it like she British (that’s my weakness ) like a light brown and blah blah blah so don’t blame me is of that nature, but there is the chorus, but it’s writing. It’s like beautiful daydreaming about what’s going on in the song like we are on a walk or in a car going on an everlasting date with all the perks and exclusives. I want people to hear me out. I gotta a different style. I don’t sound like everybody else. I want to make a statement in the industry, you know, like Nike, when they drop a new pair of Air Force ones, you dig? The flow, the style, what I say, and keep that momentum and create that lane for okye glaze. The final goal is to believe you can make it. Don’t stop; don’t give up regardless of what’s happening. That’s what I want the world to understand through my music.

How do you hope your music influences your listeners? Is there a specific message you hope to convey?

My fans and supporters, I mean the whole world, but creativity and facts in these songs are just being. I stand by what I say. The word is bond so real musical artistry none of that what hit wonder this is infinite we are gone be labelled a great by the time I’m done.


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